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How do craters form?

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Craters form after a space rock strikes a moon or a planet.

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How do the craters form?

Craters form when an asteroid or meteor collides with the planet or moon. or When a volcano forms.

How are moon craters form?

craters form when a metorite strikes earth then resulting in a dent in the earths crust

How many craters does Saturn have?

None. Saturn does not have a solid surface in which craters might form.

Are there any craters on planet Uranus?

No. Uranus does not have a solid surface fro craters to form on.

Does meteors form craters?


When do craters occur?

Craters form as a result of an impact or explosion on a solid surface which displaces material.

Does Saturn have 2 craters?

No. Saturn is a gas planet with no solid surface. Craters cannot form there.

How did craters form from moon?

meteors hit them

How do you spell craters?

That is the correct spelling of craters (plural noun - holes, or verb, to form holes or dents).

Does Jupiter have craters or volcanoes?

No. Jupiter is a gas planet. It lacks a solid surface on which craters or volcanoes might form.

How did the craters form on on the moon?

Since the moon doesn't have an atmosphere, meteorites are able to hit the moon and this forms the craters.

How did the craters form on the moon?

by asteroids that hit the moon

What features were the last to form on the moon?

rayed craters

How did craters form on Mercury?

Impacts from objects in space.

What feature was the last to form on the moon?

rayed craters

What features were last to form on the moon?

Rayed craters

What kind of planet is most likely to have craters?

Only a rocky planet can have craters, because otherwise there is not a surface for a crater to form. For example Jupiter, a gaseous planet, cannot have craters.

When did craters form on mercury?

The craters on Mercury were formed by the impacts of asteroids and comets, which have been hitting Mercury since it formed.

What provides the force necessary to form craters on the moon?

Inertia provides the force necessary to form craters on the moon. This inertia was caused by comets, meteors and asteroids that hit the surface.

Can volcanoes form craters calderas and lava plateaus?

yes they can also form rainbows

Explain how craters form?

craters are formed by meteorites falling from outer space it can also have been formed by early volcanic activity.

How often do craters form?

due to the striking of the meteors on moon

How are craters form on the moon?

by micro meteoroids hitting the moon

Why have very old craters on the moon not be erased as similar craters on earth have been?

Unlike Earth, the moon does not have air, water, glaciers, or plate tectonics to erase craters. The only forces that significantly alter the moon's surfaces are impacts that form new craters.

Does Saturn have hurricanes and craters?

Saturn does not have craters, as there is no solid surface for them to form on. Saturn has storms that somewhat resemble hurricanes, but are not quite the same thing.