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How do credit bureaus obtain judgment record?


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2012-09-24 04:17:34
2012-09-24 04:17:34

The credit bureaus receive public record information (such as judgements) from a third party service, Lexis Nexis.


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If the judgment was reported to the credit bureaus, the tenant needs to pay it, get the judgment amended to zero by the court, and send that to the credit bureaus. However, the fact that there was a case can never be erased.

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Judgments are a matter of public record, anyone can have access to those records. Credit bureaus gather this information independently or obtain it from reporting agencies like Intelius.

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You can submit a copy of the satisfaction of judgment to the credit bureaus that this will improve your credit rating somewhat. The best thing to do is to ask the judgment creditor to stipulate to set aside the judgment and dismiss the case. You would need to send a copy of the order setting aside the judgment to the credit bureaus. You can try disputing the entry, but the existence of the judgment is a matter of public record.

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yes it can. Sometimes it is reported to the credit bureaus as well

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Yes, if they get a judgment against you, and most do. Once the judgment has been entered and is public record, that judgment will go on your credit reports and it will tank your credit scores.

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