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Q: How do crustaceans reproduce?
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How do crustaceans reproduce sexually or asexually?


How do isopods reproduce?

Isopods are crustaceans with 14 legs adapted for crawling. They reproduce sexually, with the hatchlings looking like perfect clones of the mother.

What are two characteristics of all crustaceans?

Two characteristics of all crustaceans include five pairs of limbs and an outer shell. They also reproduce sexually and are often hunters.

Do crustaceans have jaws?

Crustaceans have mandibles.

Are crustaceans amphibians?

No, crustaceans are arthropods.

Are crustaceans herbivores?

Are crustaceans herbivores?

Are scuds crustaceans?

Scuds (sideswimmers) are crustaceans

Are crustaceans invertebrates?

Yes, crustaceans are invertebrates.

Do crustaceans have cephalothorax?

Yes ,crustaceans do have a cephalothorax.

Are hermit crabs crustaceans?

yes they are crustaceans

What food do crustaceans consume?

&nbs food for crustaceans

Do crustaceans have hearts?

Yes, all crustaceans have hearts.

How many species of crustaceans are there?

there are lots of types of crustaceans

Is prawns crustaceans?

Prawns are crustaceans related to shrimp.

Are insects crustaceans?

No, insects are not crustaceans. They are in completely different subphylums. Crustaceans are in subphylum Crustacea, and insects are in subphylum Uniramia.

How many wings do crustaceans have?

Crustaceans have no wings at all. they do not fly.

Are all crustaceans an invertebrate?

Yes, all crustaceans are invertebrates.

What is an example of a crustaceans?

Lobsters, crayfish, and crabs are all crustaceans.

Are centipedes crustaceans?

they come in the section of arthropods and they are not crustaceans , they are myriapods

What is another name for crab?

Decapod Crustaceans, or just crustaceans

What is an fact about crustaceans?

The largest crustaceans is a Japanese spider crab.

Do squid eat crustaceans?

Most squid will eat crustaceans.

Are plankton crustaceans?

Plankton are not crustaceans, but are microscopic organisms. Crustaceans such as crayfish, shrimp, lobsters, crabs and krill feed on plankton.

Are crustaceans animals?

Yes, crustaceans are considered to be animals. Crustaceans are a group of animals called arthropods and include shrimp, crabs, and lobster. There are more than 67,000 species of crustaceans in the world today.

Are wings found in insects and crustaceans?

Wings are only found in insects. There are no crustaceans that have wings. Crustaceans are design to live in water, not fly.