Air Pollution
Water Pollution

How do cultural practices contribute to pollution?

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by making a fire , they make smoke which pollutes the air , that how culture practices contribute to air pollution

How did technological innovations of the late 20th century,such as communications satellites and the internet,contribute to the exchange of cultural practices

Cultural Globalization: the rapid transnational sharing of values and ideas

They increased opportunities for civilizations to exchange goods and ideas

Yes! Cars, motorcycles, and all of those machines contribute to pollution!

Yes, many contribute to carbon Dioxide pollution

Of course. The religious and cultural practices of any civilisation are associated with that civilisation.

1. Technology can contribute to technology because pollution from factories can affect the environment

The sewage n garbage we throw out and the chemicals from factories contribute to water pollution.

The production of both eyeglasses and contact lenses can contribute to pollution of the environment.,an example is air pollution.

human contribute to air pollution cause of daily smoking and shouting

air evaporates and pollution causes acid rain!

cultural retention is where practices of the past follows into the present

The percentage of pollution that vehicles and engines contribute is 5 percent or less depending with the given area.

The things that contribute to water pollution in the region are things such as oil spills. Once they get in the water it gets contaminated. Air pollution effects the water also.

The animal choking on pollution. Global warming.

There are many such cultural practices :- Marriage Celebration of Birthdays Shopping for Festivals Praying before meals

The burning of wood does contribute to air pollution, but it is a minor source. Car exhaust and factory smokestacks are much larger and more dangerous sources of air pollution.

pollution recycling cultural

the answer is co2 mixes with oxygen

Water pollution will contribute to global warming in a significant way. The air that will rise from the water bodies will be polluted which will affect the atmosphere.

how art can change cultural practices.

rearing of crops for human consumption