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they eat there own poo

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Do dingoes eat kookaburras?

dingoes will eat fledglings and injured kookaburras

Do dingoes eat bilbies?

Yes. Dingoes are predators of bilbies.

Can dingoes eat me?

Dingoes eat kangaroos and dead animals. So basically no. Unless your dead

Do dingoes eat zebras?

Dingoes are native to Australia and zebras live in Africa. Being on different continents, dingoes would neve get the chance to eat zebras.

Do dingoes eat eagles?


Do dingoes eat monitor lizards?

Yes. Dingoes kill and eat deer, boar, monitor lizards, and carrion.

Do dingoes eat wombats?

Yes. Dingoes are one of the main predators of wombats.

Do dingoes eat chickens and roosters?

If the dingoes find the chicken/roosters, then yes.

Do dingoes eat kangaroos?

Yes. Dingoes are one of the main predators of kangaroos.

Do dingoes eat humans?

Dingoes eat kangaroos and dead animals, so they won't eat us unless we're dead, but we usually bury dead humans, so probably means that dingoes would eat us if we get a chance

What does dingoes eat?

Dingoes eat almost anything. They are not picky and are often opportunistic eaters. They eat carrion, insects, fruits, plants, and small mammals.

What animals eat the bilby?


Do dingoes eat fox?


Why do dingoes eat humans?

they don't

Do dingoes eat bones?


What do dingoes mainly eat?

Dingoes Mainly Feed On Small Mammals Like Rabbits And Possums. Dingoes Are Too Small To Kill Red Kangaroos And Packs Of Dingoes Are Actually Very Small. Dingoes Are Oppotunistic Feeders And Will Kill Animals From The Size Of Catterpillars To Sheep. But Dingoes Have A Very Broad Diet And Also Eat Wheat, Grass And Water Plants.

Do shark eat dingoes?

Dingoes live on land and sharks live in the ocean, so sharks certainly do not eat dingoes regularly. But sharks will try to eat most anything that moves, so, if a dingo got into the water near a hungry shark, the shark would probably eat it.

Can Dingoes be cannibals?

It is unusual for dingoes to attack and eat their own kind, but cannibalism of pups has been observed.

Do ants eat decomposing dingoes?


Do Dingoes eat human food?

yes hun, they eat cake.

What do wild dingoes eat?

Wild dingoes have a diverse diet. They will eat different fruit, plants, and small game like rodents, rabbits, reptiles and birds.

Why do dingoes eat Tasmanian Devils?

Dingoes do not eat Tasmanian devils. There are no dingoes on the Australian island of Tasmania, and there are no Tasmanian devils remaining on the Australian mainland. When the two species co-existed on the mainland, scientists do not believe that dingoes took on Tasmanian devils as predator to prey, but that the two species were competitors for food.

Why don't dingoes eat lizards?

they do! Who told you they don't?!

How do dingoes obtain their food?

They have to kill their prey and eat it.

Do dingoes eat birds?

Yes, they do eat birds. See related link....

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