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How do doctors know when a boy is a virgin?


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There is no way for a doctor to tell for sure that a male is still a virgin.

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There is no way to tell if a boy is a virgin unless he tells you.

you know you are a virgin if you havent lost your purity.. but if you mean how do you know if you still have your cherry then doctors can tell you that with an examination.

If you have sex with him and he has no idea what to do then he's probly a virgin

The only way to find out is to ask.

you can't. Neither can a doctor tell for sure.

if it doesnt take him long to "get done"

if he wont have sex with his girlfreind

You ask him and hope to god that he is honest with you. If you doubt it, do NOT sleep with him.

You are a virgin whether you are a man or a boy if you've never had sexual intercourse.

If he cums fasterNo way to know for sure.Ask, and trust the answer (or not depending on the way he answers).

You don't, you can ask, but then there is no way of knowing if the reply is honest.simply by asking him.

No rapper Soulja Boy is not a virgin as he has one child. Soulja Boy is set to appear on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood.

a virgin would know alot about sex. im a virgin and i know a great deal about sex.

A boy who's never had sexual intercourse.

If you've never had sex. That's the only absolute way to be sure. There is no physical evidence of sex that doctors cannot mask.

if you never had sex your a virgin if you did have sex your not virgin

If you have had sexual intercourse you are not a virgin.

Well you go to the doctors office and then you have to do a sonogram and then if you ready have been pregnant long enough they can probably tell if it is a boy or a girl.

some times boy doctors dress up like girls so they can, but other then that no.

I can't think of any reason why not, as long as the woman has a uterus I can't see why she couldnt. Yes, I know a woman who was (and still is) a virgin who had IVF. She had a beautiful baby boy!!

If you have never had sex, you are a virgin. There is no test that tells you if you are a virgin or not.

You have to take his word for it.

Umm,ask her? LMAO! Yes asking her is the only way. After all, that is the only way for her to know that you are too. if she doesn't know whats she's doing

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