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Can anything tell whether a girl is a virgin or not?


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no the only person who can tell you is herself

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It's difficult to tell whether one's a virgin from an expression but by constantly talking to someone you can tell whether she is not a virgin or it's easier to tell a non-virgin than a virgin.

No he can not. The vaginal opening can expand without the hymen breaking.

the only way to to tell if a girl is a virgin is to simply ask her if she is a virgin

if the girl is freaky tell her u not a virgin but if she not a freak tell her you are a virgin

there is only one way. if she is her hymen will break when she has sex and it will hurt!!

It is practically impossible to tell if a girl is a virgin during sex. Breaking the hymen is not something you will usually feel or detect, despite the rumors around this.

That depends on who the girl is - if she is your girlfriend, or someone you want to be close to, then tell her the truth. If not, it's none of anyone's business whether you are or not.

Perhaps you should turn the question around: How does a girl know whether a guy is a virgin...or what. The point is, it cannot be seen, known, guessed at, because you will never (can never) know on your own. This involves trust; do you believe her and does she believe you. Other than her telling you directly (if she wants to tell you), it is none of anyone's business whether a girl (or guy) is a virgin...or not.

Only if she still has her hymen intact, otherwise not. The hymen can break real easily by doing sports and such so if it's not there it is not considered a sign that she is not a virgin.

There is no way to visibly tell the difference between a virgin and a non-virgin.

she would probably tell you or if she says it hurts then she is a virgin

There is no way to tell, unless he is 100% honest and tells you he is a virgin.

No, there is no way to know if a woman is a virgin by examination.

You can't tell if someone is a virgin or not just by looking at them.

All that "virgin" means is you have not been penetrated by a penis.However, guys especially need to get this-- a female's hymen is NOT, NOT, NOT a sign of whether a girl is a virgin or not! The hymen can tear for any number of reasons, not just from having sex. Most girls do NOT have an "intact hymen" before their first sexual experience.

You can probably tell if they arent experenced and dont really know what to do. or if you ask them.

It would take a medical doctor to be able to tell that for certain.

No one can tell.....except for the girl and the man with whom she got xxx. Coz there will be no much physical changes appears.

A pap smear can't tell if someone is a "virgin." Virgin is not a medical term, and there is no test to see if someone has had sex.

The common definition is someone that has not had sexual intercourse. Understanding a girl that has not done so is simple. She is not ready or she has not met the right person. If you are asking "How can you tell a girl is a virgin", then the simple answer is that you cannot.

You can tell whether or not your rabbit is a boy/girl by looking under its butt.

A girl can have several tests she can take for testing virginity while boys have no tests. The only way you can tell is if you have not had vaginal or anal sex with either a boy or a girl. A virgin is someone who has not had sex. If you haven't had sex with another girl, then you are not a virgin.

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