Dog Breeding and Mating

How do dogs attracts a mate?

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What kind of water attracts insects?

Still water attracts mosquitoes, they mate in it.

How does a horse attract his mate?

The female attracts her mate with a smell. She has the smell of estrus when she is looking to mate.

How does a clown fish attract a mate?

a clownfish attracts its mate by its bright colors.

Can dogs and ducks mate?

No dogs and ducks can not mate.

Which months do dogs mate?

which month do dogs mate

Do owls mate with other animals?

NO! owls mate owls & dogs mate dogs!

Can a insect mate with a dog?

No. Only dogs can mate with dogs.

How a bilby attracts a mate?

they sing to each other

What attracts a bottlenose dolphin's mates?

A bottle-nose dolphin attracts a mate by making different noises.

Can cats mate with dogs?

Cats and dogs cannot mate with one another. Dogs only mate with dogs, and cats only mate with other cats.

What scent attracts dogs?

Dogs attract to other dogs and there masters. Also there territory :)

How do pandas mate?

they mate like dogs

Do dogs like to mate with women?

Although un-neutered dogs will sometimes try to mate with things that are not female dogs, they are not biologically "programmed" to mate with human women.

Can you mate with dogs?


How do dogs make other dogs?


Who do dogs mate with each other?

No,Cats and Dogs may not be able to mate but it has not been proven{YET}

How can you get your dogs to mate?


Can dogs and lions mate?


How long arw dogs and cats supposed to mate?

Dogs and cats should mate for about three to five minutes.

Can sibling dogs mate?

Yes sibling dogs can mate but dogs in the same family breeding can lead to deformation of the puppies and lots of health problems for them.

Why do dogs hump other dogs?

to mate have pups yea

Can old male dogs mate?

Unless he has been neutered he can mate.

How do huskies mate?

They mate just like any other dogs.

Can dogs that are neutered mate?

They can still mate. But because they're neutered they can't attract female dogs, therefore they don't.

Is coco bean mulch bad for dogs?

Yes, as it is a form of chocolate, which is poisonous to dogs, and the smell of it attracts them.