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By their keen sense of smell. Answer: Also, by the shape and size of someone and what their voice sounds like.

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Do dogs understand the differences between the barks of other dogs?

Yes, dogs are able to distinguish between other dogs by their barks.

How can you get a dog used to other dogs or people?

To get the dog used to other animals and dogs you have to put it in a room with other people and you have to have people and dogs around for a period of time and then they will finally get used to people and other dogs.

Will people ever knoe that dogs see color?

Dogs do see color, but not like people do. Most colors they cannot distinguish and blur together. There have been a number of controlled studies concerning this.

Why do people walk their dogs?

people walk there dogs because the can and there dogs have to use the bathroom but for some people, they walk their dogs to check out other people lol

How do dogs get ringworm?

Dogs can get ringworm from other dogs and cats and their main enemies people

Do dogs like playing a lot with other dogs or people?

well it depends on the dogs personality... if the dog is friendly and loves to be around other dogs and people then yes. most hyper dogs do. if your dog is aggressive then not always

Do dogs distinguish colors?

no they only see black and white

Why does your Chaweenie lick his and other dogs urine When I take him for a walk he finds areas where other dogs have pee'd and he will lick it and continue to lick it unless I pull him away from it?

He may be scenting the urine to distinguish who has been there. My has done it to my other dogs urine. And I think it is just tasting to keep up to date on the signatures of other dogs. also because he's horney and he' wants sex

How do you say dogs in Korean?

Korean doesn't typically distinguish between plural and singular. Therefore the word개 (gae) may be used to mean either 'dog' or 'dogs' depending on context. If you wanted to make a distinction between the two, you could say개들 (gaedeul) to mean 'dogs'.

What is the different between a guide dog and sheep dog?

guide dogs help blind, deaf or other people with a handicapped, while sheep dogs herd cattle or sheep.

Are Scottie dogs cute?

Many people believe that Scottie dogs are in fact incredibly cute. Other people do not like the appearance of these dogs.

How do you know what's the brand of dogs?

how it reacts around other dogs or around people

Why are Pitbulls fighting dogs?

Cause people have been breeding on individuals that like to and wins fights. But they also only bred on dogs which loved people so if the dont get trained to accept other dogs from young age they are a potential danger for other dogs but never people.

Why shouldn't people get their dogs fixed?

well some people wanna let there dogs have puppies and they wanna get other dogs pregnant. and also its very expensive and people don't have the money

Are redbone coonhounds loyal to other dogs?

If you mean loyal by nice/ not fighting, it varies between dogs.

Do dogs see any other colors?

most people think dogs only see in black and white. this isn't true. they can see some colors, but not in the same way a human can. they can't distinguish between yellow, orange, green, and red, but they're good (better than humans) at telling apart shades of blues and purples. so yes, they can see colors, just not the same way you and i can.

Other word for people who love dogs?


Why dont some dogs like other dogs?

Because they don't Try to answer this question, "Why don't some people like other people?" Make sense? *laughs*

Why does a dog see fewer colors than people?

Dogs do see color, but not like people do. Most colors they cannot distinguish and blur together. There have been a number of controlled studies concerning this.

Can a dog transfer the flu between humans?

No, but they could with other dogs.

Why does your dog like to smell your groin?

It is a natural dog behavior to smell "that area" on other dogs and people, because this is how dogs gain information about the person/dog that they're smelling. Much like people get to know other people by what their faces look like, dogs tell people (and other dogs) apart by their smell, and the part of the body where that individual smell is strongest is, well, the groin/rear. So, it is just how the dog tells you apart from other people.

Can a dog catch a cold?

Yes, and no! There are differences in the types of viruses that infect humans versus dogs, a cold is not contagious between people and dogs. Dogs can develop a respiratory infection with "cold-like" symptoms of sneezing, coughing, runny or stuffy nose. Dogs can also catch "kennel cough" from other dogs. There are other cold-like diseases dogs can catch from other dogs: parainfluenza virus, adenovirus, and tuberculosis. If your dog is doing a lot of coughing, or seems a little lethargic, it should be examined by your vet.

Why do dogs and wolves fight each other when they are from the same family?

dogs and dogs fight each other all the time and there the exact same species its usually because they feel threatened or they just don't like each other people fight people and we are the same

Who do dogs get along with?

Mankind, although some dogs are not friendly towards some people most dogs get along with humans OTHER DOGS OF THE SAME BREED

Are Great Danes friendly to other dogs and people?

Yes. Danes are extremely friendly and gentle dogs.