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The same way everyone else does

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Q: How do drunk people vomit?
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What happens when you get drunk and vomit with blood?

if you vomit blood and you are drunk you probably have alcohol poisoning.

Why do drunk people have to lay on there stomach?

Drunk people should lay on their stomach so they do not swallow their tongue, and also so they don't choke on their vomit if they throw up.

Why do people vomit after getting drunk by alcohol?

It's the body's effort to reduce the amount of alcohol in the stomach.

Which website is the game Drunk n vomit?

Why do people vomit after they've drunk alcohol?

Some people drink so much that they geat real drunk, so they stick their fingers in their throat to trow up the alcohol back out. this is not safe since it can hurt you in the long run. but if you are too drunk to control yourself than i guess that's the best way to go.

What can cause a person to vomit in their sleep and choke?

if youre drunk you can be sick and not know which can cause you to choke

Do people vomit when they are nervous?

hello I would like to know why people vomit when nervous

What could old liquor do do you?

It could get you drunk if you drink enough. It could also make you vomit if it has turned into vinegar.

Why do people vomit after an exerting run?

People vomit after exerting runs due to high intra-abdominal pressure.

Why do people drive drunk?

People don't know why they drive when they are drunk. When you are sober you think that you would not drive drunk. But when you are drunk, that's a different thing all together... You do stupid things when drunk.

Why do people vomit only at night?

People don't only vomit at night. Night time seems to be the worst time for the flu and colds.

What are people who overindulge in food and vomit?


What are some reasons people vomit?

sometimes you vomit because you are seasick, airsick, or carsick. people swallow some types of poison can be forced to vomit. this rids the body of the poison.sometimes you vomit because you eat what you are not supposed to eatsometimes you vomit because you are allergic to somethings that you are not supposed to eat.sometimes you vomit because of the smell of somethings like nasty garbage or a baby's dipar that you haven't changes in 3 weeks from today.

What are things to smell that make you vomit?

There are a lot of different things that can make people vomit if they smell them. The one that seems to work on all people is things that are dead.

What causes people to vomit after eating?

Some people, who have a psychological condition known as bulemia, make themselves vomit after eating because they are afraid of getting fat. But there are a number of other possible reasons why people sometimes vomit after eating. Sometimes people vomit because they ate something to which they are allergic. Or they ate something poisonous. Or they just ate too much. Or they are suffering from an intestinal bacterial infection.

Someone is drunk and doesn't feel well. what can i do?

Let them lay down. If they go to sleep, watch to see that they don't vomit. They could choke on it.

Is it illegal to drive people who are drunk?

It is not illegal to drive people who are drunk. In fact it is the best thing to do for a person who is drunk instead of letting the person drive his or her own vehicle while drunk. That is why "designated drivers" are important.

What is the scientific name for fear of people who vomit?

I got it, it's still Emesophobia because it is fear of anything to do with Vomit. Tks...

How many people were killed by drunk drivers in US?

In 2008, almost 13,000 people were killed by drunk drivers.

How many people vomit a year?

A bout 336,890

Why do people vomit while traveling?

Motion sickness.

Does watching people vomit make you pee?

no try it

Why do you vomit when you have celiac disease?

Because when your eating wheat some people vomit it up. There not soposed to eat wheat if they have Celiac Disease

How many people die each day from drunk driving?

About 41 people die each day from drunk driving.

How many people died from drunk driving in 2000?

Approximately 16,653 people died in the year 2000 from drunk driving.