How do dugongs get their food?

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Why do dugongs have snouts?

to smell food

What are dugongs muzzle used for?

A dugongs muzzle is used to help it find its food. Dugongs eat seagrass and the muzzle digs furrows in the seafloor to uproot the seagrass.

How did dugongs become endangered?

loss of food and habitat

What eats dugongs?

Nothing eats dugongs, but dugongs eat seagrasses tiger sharks are natural enemies of dugongs so they can get killed by them.

Do dugongs have backbones?

Yes. Dugongs are vertebrates.

Where in the world are dugongs found?

Dugongs are found in Australia.

Do dugongs have gills?

Dugongs have lungs and don't have gills.

Do dugongs hibernate or migrate?

Dugongs migrate on a yearly basis

How big are dugongs?

Dugongs can be 9.8 feet to 32.8 feet!

What type of habitat do dugongs live in?

Dugongs live in estuaries.

Are dugongs mammals?

Yes. Dugongs and manatees are marine mammals but unlike dolphins they are herbivores. Dugongs subsist on sea grass.

How do scientists monitor the population of dugongs?

Dugongs are tagged with tracking devices, this is done for that scientists can monitor their population and keep tract of the dugongs

Where do dugong breed at?

Although dugongs are known to make many migrations in order to find food or warmer waters, dugongs can breed at any part of their habitat. Dugongs live in shallow water off the coasts of eastern Africa, western India, northern and western Australia, and all around the coasts of the Indonesian, Philippine, and New Guinean islands. Dugongs typically breed in late summer.

Is there an organization helping to save the Dugongs?

There is an organisation that is called Dugongs Reach-out.

How do dugongs interact with other animals?

how do dugongs communicate with other animals and humans

How do dugongs protect themselfs?

Dugongs have lots of fat in their backs so when a preditor approaches the simply turn their back and believe it or not but dugongs are actually fast

How do dugongs eat?

dugongs eat LIKE A HOOVER! HA HA HA HA

How do they kill dugongs?

dugongs are getting kiled from boats running over them and they are getting hunted

Are people trying to save the dugongs?

yes dugongs are being saved but need help

Why are dugongs called dugongs?

The word comes from Tagalog, and the earlier Malay "duyung" with the meaning "lady of the sea." This is another reference to sailors imagining dugongs or manatees as "mermaids."

Are dugongs Australian?

Yes. Dugongs are native to many parts of the world, including Australian waters.

Why do we need to help dugongs?

Dugongs are lik manatees so we need to help them in the same way.

How long have dugongs been around?

According to an internet search, it is possible that dugongs evolved around 11 million years ago. Individual dugongs can get to be 70+ years of age.

Why are dugongs endangered?

Because their predators eat them and human beings kill them for money. So this is the reason why the dugongs are endangered. Dugongs are endangered because sharks, crocodiles and killer whales hunt them for food. Also entanglement in fishing wire and nets, coastal development and pollution is a major problem. Aboriginals are playing a large part in culling and hunting dugongs for meat, because it's their hunting right. Dugongs are slow moving, which means that they're often victims of boat strikes and are often seriously injured by propellers. Dugongs are also slow breeders, only being able to reproduce after the age of 17, and having on one pup in 3-7 years.

How does the dugong eats with its big muzzle?

it helps the dugong to digest the food properly and to add conseotherpa which is a special feature that makes it easier for dugongs to get the right nutrients for their food