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They revolve sets of coils of wire across a strong magnetic field, and this induces electrical currents in the coils.

NB The current will only flow if thetwo ends of the coils are connected, and this is achieved by whatever circuit is connected to the generator's output.

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Q: How do electric generators convert kinetic energy into electrical energy?
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What are some known energy conversion devices?

Photo voltaic cells (solar cells) convert light energy into electrical energy. Electric generators convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. Internal combustion engines convert chemical energy into kinetic energy.

How do you convert kinetic energy into electrical energy and what an example of this?

All mechanical (power station) generators do this.

Does a turbine turn kinetic energy into electrical energy?

It turns the pressure energy into kinetic energy that moves the rotors electric generators to produce electricity

How do you convert electrical energy to kinetic?

Most often through induced magnetism such as an electric motor.

What do generators do?

A generator transform kinetic energy to electrical

What kind of energy are wind turbine generators used to create?

Wind turbine generators are used to convert the kinetic (movement) energy of the wind directly into electrical energy, which is used to power electrical appliances and needs no further conversion.

What electrical item uses batteries?

Torches. Generators. Kinetic engines...

Explain why electric motors and generators are opposites?

Electric motors take electric energy and turn it into kinetic energy Generators take mechanical energy and turn it into electric energy

An electric motor converts electrical energy to potential energy?

They don't. An electric motor is designed to convert electrical energy to kinetic energy, not the other way round. A device that converts kinetic energy to electrical energy is called a generator or a dynamo. Sometimes the same device can do both things (convert in both directions), but since the device is especially optimized for one function, it may not be very good at the other one.

How are geothermal and wind power similar?

They both convert kinetic energy to electrical energy.

Windmills convert what into electrical energy?


What is the relationship between kinetic energy electrical energy and generators?

It ends up with energy