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Q: How do eyelash vipers catch there prey?
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What do eyelash viper eat?

Adult eyelash vipers prey on small mammals,birds (including hovering hummingbirds) and nestlings,lizards, and frogs . Juveniles prey primarily on small frogs .

Are the eyelash pit vipers endangered?

Cause humans are fattys

What is the most beautiful snake?

Ceylonese, Wagler's, Eyelash, Bush Vipers

Pictures of poisonous and non poisonous snakes?

Snakes do not have poison, they have venom. Some venomous snakes are taipans, Gaboon vipers, Mangshan vipers, Eyelash crested vipers, and Sawscaled vipers. Those are the coolest in my opinion.

What is the vipers prey?


Is the eyelash viper endangered?

While not listed as threatened, eyelash vipers are likely at risk of habitat loss from increased deforestation for timber, agriculture, and urbanization.

What are vipers enemies?

other large snakes and birds of prey

What does the pit viper eat?

Pit vipers are found all over the world and will eat whatever they can catch in their territory. Generally, their diet includes rodents and other small mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. Small pit vipers will eat smaller prey, including insects.

What do vipers prey on?

usually small mammals birds nestlings frogs and lizards.

How often does horses catch its prey?

they do not catch there prey

How does a kangaroo rat catch its prey?

they do not catch there prey

How often does a kangaroo catch its prey?

they do not catch there prey