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Ferns, like other plants, obtain 'food' through photosynthesis. Plants take in carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) and create glucose (C6H12O6) and oxygen (O2) through the use of sunlight. The glucose is then used by the plants as an energy source.

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They obtain there food from spores.

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Q: How do fern obtain food?
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How do fern and bread mould obtain their food.?

They break down the food into simpler substances

How a re the mould and dragon scale fern different in terms of the way they obtain their food?

mould cannont make it's own food but the dragon scale fern can make it's own food

Do a toadstool and a fern take in food from a rotting log?

a toadstool does but a fern does not. a fern makes its own food

How does the bird's nest fern obtain its food?

It has chloroplasts which contain chlorophyll that traps sunlight, to photosynthesis and make food when water and carbon dioxide are present.

How does birds nest fern obtain its food?

It catches small leaves, insects, etc in it's 'nest', and they decay there, like compost.

What is an arctic fern?

An arctic fern is an omnivore that hunts his food which makes him a consumer.

Does the fern produce its own food?

A fern depends on the sun and water for nutrition.

Can a fern digist its own food?


What do you feed Christmas Fern?

The Christmas fern does not eat anything but makes its own food. The Christmas fern requires moisture.

How does the osteichthyes obtain food?

Osteichthyes obtain food by hunting their for their food.

Can a fern make its own food?

Yes. They get their food by a process called photosynthesis. But they get some nutrients or energy sometimes,-from their host like a bird-nest fern clinging onto a tree.

How do cnidarians obtain food?

cnidarians obtain food with they mouth

How does a mucor obtain its food?

mucor obtain its food by eating

Where do you obtain your food?

Most people obtain their food from the supermarket.

What is the difference between the toadstool and the fern in terms of their nutrition?

fern makes its own food while the toadstool does not

How do paramecium obtain their food?

Paramecia obtain food their food through the oral groove.

How do animals obtain food?

they obtain food by eating other organisms

How do fungi obtain food?

They have hyphae which are like roots to obtain their food.

How do snakes obtain food?

Snakes obtain food through their mouth.

How doese bivavlve obtain food?

they obtain food by filtering from the water

Do fungi obtain or makes it's own food?

No they do not obtain there food

Do fungi obtain food?

They have hyphae which are like roots to obtain their food.

How do fungis obtain food?

They have hyphae which are like roots to obtain their food.

Can fern make its own food?

Yes brother:)

How does bird's nest fern get its food?

filter feeding

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How do ferns obtain food?

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