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Firefighters save houses by trying to restrict a fire to a small area and then put it out, often using water pumped in through large hoses.

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Q: How do firefighters save houses?
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Are firefighters brave heroes?

Yes. Firefighters are brave heroes because they risk their lives to save people from fire.

How do firefighters save lives?

they run in the burning house and get that burning body and save that hoe

How are smoke jumpers and traditional firefighters alike?

they save lives

What plan did Faber and montag?

Their original plan was to plant books in firefighters houses.

How many lives do firefighters save a year?

About a thousand a year at least

What is the importance of firefighters?

firefighters can be a hero in almost any emergency. We all know they save cats from trees and put out fires, but it's hard to really grasp the fact that these fighters help save out lives from an element we have almost no power over.

What is the job of a fire fighter?

firefighters put out fires and save peoples lives :)

How do firefighters risk their lives?

By going into burning places and trying to save lives

Do you teach children not to hide from firefighters during a fire?

Yes; children should go with the firefighters because they are there to save them. They will not harm children nor adults, they are their source of safety when there's a fire. So yes, teach your children not to hide from firefighters when there's a fire.

How do you get a job cooking for firefighters?

In most firehouses, firefighters themselves also serve as cooks and hold that position with great pride. I'd get to know your local firefighters and see what type of arrangements they have in their houses. Maybe you'll find a house where someone doesn't want to cook. ;-) Good luck!

Are firefighters brave?

In the answer is yes they are because they risk their lives to save others. Firefighters are very brave heroes but people also have to honor them because they did their job to keep people safe from fire.

Why firefighters important?

they are important because the save animals people and trees from not turning a forest fire .

Why do we need firefighters?

to save people from fire and put out a fire and find solutions to emergencys s

What are eco friendly houses?

i think eco friendly house are houses that save you money and help save the environment and electricity

Why do you have to pay firefighters?

we should increase there pay because they save alot of your friends and family each day

How do firefighters risk their lives by saving peoples homes and lands?

by going into the place that is on fire and save the people in it

How are firefighters different from cops?

Cops carry Guns Firefighters carry Hoses Cops arrest people Firefighters rescue people Cops spend most of their time out on the street working to enforce the law. Firefighters spend most of their time practicing to save people and put out fires.

What is the plural possessive for firefighters?

The possessive form for the plural noun firefighters is firefighters'.

How fire fire work?

firefighters put out fire's .but that's not all they do. they get cats out of tree's, go to car accidents and clean up the ground .they raise money ,to flood zones, rescue people from buildings houses and burning trash. firefighters have a busy day .they got maps of cities , parks ,raods,buildings, houses,feilds,and if you want to be a fire fighter you will be busy.

How are smoke jumpers and firefighters alike?

they are alike because they both wear heavy equipment, fight fires, and save lives.

How many lives do firefighters save a day?

This depends on the location of the firefighters. Many small volunteer departments respond to very few events, and may save several lives in a year. Others, in major cities could go on numerous calls, saving dozens of lives in a day. Not only are people's lives saved, but pets and livestock as well.

How do firefighters help the community?

they help save people from fires, help put out fires, and they go to sites where something bad happens.. like car accidents, fires,heart attacks, strokes, and other events that might need attendance by firefighters.

Is the word firefighters a collective noun?

There is no standard collective noun for firefighters, in which case a noun that suits the situation can be used; for example a crew of firefighters, a squadron of firefighters, a team of firefighters, etc.

Why do firefighters get respected more?

Because they help save people from fires. And there has been many fires. So, who wouldn't want to respect a firefighter

How many more volunteer firefighters are there than firefighters?

73% of firefighters in the US are volunteers