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they agree to disagree


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The whale is a mammal, not a fish. Both have fins, and live in water.Otherwise, they are totally different.

No. Sharks are fish, whereas whales are mammals.

Fish, seals, krill, dolphins, and other thing that live in the oceans

Most whales do not eat fish, they feed on plankton and krill. The ones that do eat fish do it for the same reason that we do, for food.

other whales, seals, sharks, fishes, jelly fish .

Whales live world wide, and migrate to tropical areas in the spring and summer to typically give birth to their calf or calvesDo you mean Wales? It sounds the same as whales, but spelled differently. Wales is part of the United Kingdom in Europe, just west of England.If you meant whales. Whales are located in all of the Earth's major oceans.

Sharks live in many oceans, but they live in the Pacific for the same reasons they live in other oceans: the conditions are suitable for life.

The only similarities would be diet (plankton), size and they both live in the ocean. Some whales eat plankton, as do whale sharks. Some whales are close to the same size as whale sharks. Otherwise, whales are mammals, and whale sharks are fish.

There is a great different between fish and whales. Fish can stay underwater and never come to the surface. They breathe through gills. Whales are a mammal, meaning they have lungs they breathe through. Whales have a blowhole in which they come to the surface for air. Same as which a dolphin does. A fish has a vertical tail. A mammal, whale and dolphin, has a horizontal tail.

They are both a type of large fish. They are also predators.

No. Sharks, being fish, have vertical tails, while whales, being mammals, have horizontal tails.

same way you do with fish except you need a net and a big boat. :]

Well firstly a fish can only give birth to 5 babies at the same time. Whales can give birth to greater than 10 babies!

Since humpback whales are seen in all oceans of the world, the answer would be yes. Both open ocean turtles (leather back, olive ridley, etc.) and near shore, like green and hawksbill turtles might all might see humpback whales.

It is called convergent evolution. When two different animals have to adapt to the same environment (both whales and fish have to adapt to marine environments) evolution will make them start to look similar, even though they will still retain fundamental differences. For example, whales are mammals, and fish are... fish

Whales and Gorillas both have higher populations than we had thought. Whales are often mistaken for fish in the same way Gorillas are mistaken for Monkeys. They're both Mammals.

Dolphins and whales are in the same order: Cetacea. Cetus is a Latin word from the ancient Greek meaning huge fish or sea monster.

yeah they do u know y because they live in they same water sometimes

No! because tropical fish live in heated water and koi in cold water.

Some of the things that show that a whale is a mammal, not a fish: Whales have lungs and breathe air. Fish get oxygen from the water passing through their gills. Like all mammals, female whales produce milk to nurse their young. Fish cannot do that. Whales are warm blooded (they can keep their bodies at a constant temperature even in frigid water). Fish are cold blooded (their body temperature is the same as the water around them).

another mammal that shares the same habitat with a whale is a dolphin

As cabbage is used to decorate salad ,in the same way whales serves for decorating the salad(i.e. oceans)

They eat in same way other whales do. That is by ingesting it through their mouths. The common diet is Fish, krill or other crustaceans.

Everybody's fish, whether its Bigfoot, grizzly bears, humans, eagles, come from the same places. Rivers, lakes, streams, oceans.

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