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How do fish get in new ponds if the ponds are not stocked?


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How Fish Get Into New PondsThere are birds such as cranes that fly from one pond to another. They could carry fish eggs on their feet and legs, or beak. This way new ponds get fish without being stocked. Also, if there is a ditch coming from another pond or creek the fish can travel this way.

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  • Flooding, that temporarily connects one or more bodies of water.
  • Walking, some fish, like the walking catfish, and the northern snake head can travel short distances on land. During unusually wet seasons bodies of water may be fairly close, allowing them to "walk" over.
  • Man, since man came on the earth, we have done the majority of stocking of landlocked ponds and lakes.
  • Weather - rain and storm clouds - occasionally fish eggs will be drawn up and carried along by clouds, where they mature and it rains fish.

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