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It depends on the fish. Most fish are egglayers, where the female lays the eggs and the male fertilizes them externally. Fish like mollies, guppies and platys are livebearers, where the male internally fertilizes the eggs and the female gives live birth. Fish like chilids are mouthbrooders, where they keep the eggs in their mouths until they hatch, and protect their young by using their mouths. Gouramis make bubble nests, laying their eggs in a nest of bubbles at the surface of the water. There are many ways fish mate, it just depends on the fish.

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Q: How do fish mate?
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Do fish mate?

yes all fish mate

How do you mate a reed-fish?

u put a lot of fish in the tank and then they mate

How do you mate fish?

To mate fish, you should see how the fish you want to mate, mate. Then you should put them in the same tank and watch them. I'm not an expert so search the web for a more through answer.

Is it possible for a gourami to mate with a platy and get pregnant?

no. fish can only mate with fish of the same species. Gouramis mate with gouramis and platys mate with platys.

When is a fish ready to mate?

A female fish is ready to mate when there is a white opening near her vent. Betta fish even have stripes on their stomachs to indicate that they are ready to mate.

Do angelfish blend in with other fish?

Do you mean will they mate with other fish or get along with other fish? They will not mate with other fish, but they will get along without tetras.

What time of the year do starfish mate?

Star fish do not mate .

How does a flying fish mate?

Fish can't fly

Can guppies mate with other fish?

They can with mosquito fish.

Will fish mate with other fish in the tank?

of course, why not?

Can you force your fish to mate?


What fish mates the most?

Oscars are the breed of fish that mate the most. However, guppies and trigger fish also mate much more than other breeds of fish.

How do aquarium fish mate?

The same way their wild counterparts mate.

How do flying fish find a mate?

They look for their mate while flying.

What age do flashlight fish mate?

they mate at the age of nine months

Will a female betta fish mate with a male guppy fish?


Does holding a mirror in the of a fish change what the fish does?

yeah mate!!

Can a male molly fish mate with a female betta fish?

They are entirely different species and therefore can not mate with one another.

How do you make fishes mate in aquarium?

Mating is a thing of nature and you cant "make" fish mate. What you can do however is research the type of fish you have that you would like to mate. Often times you can find information on how to create conditions in your tank that will make the fish more likely to mate.

When is mating season for fish-?

Mating season for fish will be different each species of fish. Some fish may mate year round such as tropical fish, while other mate during the spring or summer.

How does algae fish have babies?

They mate

Do betta fish mate?


How fish mate?

by poopalooping in a cup

What month do you mate your betta fish?

=== ===

What happens if to fish mate?

they have babies..........?