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The ad's you see on the side or top of the page. They have to pay money to host their ad of their site.

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Q: How do freebie websites make money?
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What are other websites like lockerz?

Lots, Kudos network and freebie jeebies, swagbucks and lifeclicks... Source:

How do websites make money in India?

Websites in India make money the same as the rest of the world, for example from advertisements, affiliate links, etc.

How do game websites make money?

Game websites can make money through advertisements, selling their games, selling game bonuses, or by asking for donations.

What is the spanish word for freebie?

freebie = cosa gratis

Who gives out baby products for free?

Try Mom and Baby websites for samples or freebie websites like HotUKDeals or You can get free nappies, baby lotion, baby food etc.

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Easy but it'll cost you money is

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Can you make money in the webcam industry?

yes you can and pretty good! Several websites do it.. guys and girls can subscribe and make money.

Where can one purchase money making sites?

There are many places where one can purchase money make websites. One can purchase these websites from the domain owner of sites that are currently making money.

How do you enter the daily freebie in seventeen magazine?

You can enter the daily freebie giveaway from Seventeen magazine on their website. Just click on the Daily Freebie link and click on the link to enter your information.

How is it possible to make money by writing?

It is possible to make money writing by publishing books or papers. Internet users can also write original content for their own websites and blogs, or write for websites and blogs owned by others.

What is a freebie?

A freebie is something you do not have to pay for. It could be a service, a product, free shipping, or something else.To qualify as a freebie, something must not only be free to get, but it must also be sent (if applicable) without postage or packaging costs. While it may be a bargain without free shipping, it doesn't count as a freebie. For additional clarification about what is a freebie, please visit the Related Link.