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How do get Pokemon migrated to Pokemon pearl?


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Pokemon Pearl goes in the DS Card Slot. A compatible migration game (Emerald, Firered, LeafGreen) must be in the GBA slot. Note, Ruby and Sapphire are NOT compatible with migration.then go to the main menu in Pearl and access the Migration option. From there it will give you the next steps.

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Sandshrew is not obtainable in Pokemon pearl/diamondzsemicolumz it must b migrated from Pokemon leafgreen/firered.

I don't think you can, if you want you you have 2 get a game that does, like I have Pokemon ruby and migrated to pearl.

Migrated Pokemon are the ones you can catch at Pal Park after you transfer them from FireRed, LeafGreen, Emerald, Ruby or Sapphire games for the GBA.

Go and beat the bosses and there is a green town in the bottom of the map there is where all your Pokemon are

Lapras are migrated into the Sea area of Pal Park (southeast area).

Have a GBA Pokemon game in the GBA cartridge slot, which is only on the regular DS model. Then, choose to migrate your Pokemon, and select which Pokemon you want to migrate. Go to Pal Park, and you'll be able to catch the Pokemon you migrated.

No because Pokemon Colosseum and XD are only contain Hoenn specific pokemon. Therefore, no other pokemon from Sinnoh Region can be migrated into these two games. I know that Battle Revolution can do this though

It's not possible. After a Pokemon is migrated to diamon pearl or platinum, it can't be brought back

It is impossible to transfer back Pokemon you migrated from emerald, ruby, sapphire, fire red, leaf green etc... to Pokemon diamond/pearl.

Go to Serebii.net and look up how to catch the Pokemon you need. Keep in mind many need to be migrated.

no there's no limit. Your game finishes when you capture all the migrated pokemon.

if you migrated he could most likely be found in the grass

you cant, it either has to be traded from another game or migrated from one of the earlier games.

It is impossible to migrate from pearl to ruby.Once you migrated the Pokemon from ruby to pearl, you can't migrate it back ever again.

Go to the Pal Park and you can 'catch' the Pokemon you migrated from there.

Put Pokemon Pearl and Leafgreen into the DS. Make sure that you have the National pokedex in Pokemon Pearl. You can get it by seeing all of the Sinnoh Pokemon, Then by seeing Rowan. Professor Oak with upgrade your pokedex. Load Pokemon Pearl. At the Front Screen, instead of selecting your profile, choose "Migrate from Leafgreen". Choose the Pokemon you want to trade to Pokemon pearl. You cannot trade Pokemon with HM moves. Load your Game the Go to the Pal Park (South from Sandgem Town), then talk to the man to catch the Pokemon you migrated.

You really can't get ALL the Pokemon in pearl. Some Pokemon, such as Mewtwo, needs to be migrated from FireRed. If you want to fill your pokedex, trade with others on the GTS (Global Trading System) in Jubilife City. You can also use action replay codes to get all the Pokemon info.

You have to catch Pokemon you migrated from FireRed, LeafGreen, Ruby, or Sapphire. Have a GBA game in the Gameboy slot. On the Pearl title screen,select ''Migrate from (name of Gameboy game). then head for Pal Park.

any of the Pokemon you migrated

You insert the leaf green cartidge into the DS along with the pearl game. Then go to your menu screen on Pearl and select "Migrate from Pokemon sapphire"(or whichever one) Pick your 6 Pokemon from there then when that's all done, turn on Pokemon pearl and then go to the pal park and talk to the guy at the counter. There you will be able to catch all 6 Pokemon you migrated, however you cannot migrate continuously. I believe its 24 hours between migrations.

You can only catch lugia if you migrated it from firered or leafgreen. If you want lugia get one from heartgold or soulsilver version.

well you have to put your Pokemon gamepak at the bottom of your ds then put on heart gold then go in find migrate to game click 6 Pokemon in your PC boxes after that go to fuchsia city go to pal park catch the Pokemon you migrated and there you have it you migrated to you heartgold and this also works with Pokemon diamond Pokemon pearl Pokemon platinum Pokemon heart gold and Pokemon soulsilver hope i helped

You have to migrate it from a GameBoy Pokemon game. I migrated mine from my Emerald version. In Emerald, you find them in the back of the Fossil Maniac's house. Hope I've helped! .:Funkeheap15>.<:.

Either using cheats or by migrating from Emerald. If a friend has migrated Rayquayza, you can trade with him/her, also. Hope I've helped! .:Funkeheap15>.<:.

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