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they keep some in their cheeks like hamsters

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Where does a guinea pig store its food?

Well, guinea pigs don't really store food. That's because they live in groups, and if one pig stores food, another will find it and eat it. Piggies just gather some food and then eat till they're full. When they get hungry again they'll gather some other foods, or steal it from other pigs and then eat it. And that goes on for the rest of their lives.Guinea pigs dont store food like hamsters do.Guinea pigs eat the food when they want it.But hamsters store food in their cheeks.

Can you feed a guinea pig chinchila food?

No, get guinea pig food for guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat hedgehog food?

No, guinea pigs should not eat food meant for other animals.

Can guinea pigs eat Oreos?

No, guinea pigs should not eat human food.

Where is a guinea pig located in the food chain?

Guinea pigs are vegetarians. While several other animals like to eat Guinea Pigs, guinea pigs themselves eat no other animals. Within the fauna, this places Guinea pigs at the bottom of the food chain.

Can guinea pigs eat chinchilla food?

I have two guinea pigs at my house, and I would say that they can, because the label said that guinea pigs and chinchillas can eat it. But it is probably better to just by normal guinea pig food

Can guinea pigs eat ferret food?

No, guinea pigs and ferrets have different nutritional needs.

Can guinea pigs eat doritos?

No. Guinea pigs should not be given most human food.

Would it hurt a guinea pig to eat hamster food?

It can. Guinea pigs have differentnutritionalneeds than hamsters. Guinea pigs need a diet high in vitamin C. Also guinea pigs can choke on nuts and seeds. Best to stick with guinea pig food for guinea pigs. Try to avoid food with seeds andkernelseven if it isadvertisedfor guinea pigs as it is best to stick with pellets. Guinea pigs have a differentdigestivesystem opposed to hamsters. Be sure to have hay available for guinea pigs for them to graze when they want. Timothy hay is the main part of their diet.AlfalfaHay is best left to baby guinea pigs as it has highcalcium. Orchard hay is well liked among guinea pigs.

Do they eat guinea pigs in Brazil?

Guinea pigs were raised by the Incas and have long been used as food in South America.But Koreans eat guinea pigs.

Where do guinea pigs originate from?

Guinea pigs originate in South America. They were first domesticated by the Incas of Peru.Guinea pigs originate from Peru where they were kept for food.

Can you feed guinea pigs grass?

Oh yes, definitely. Guinea-pigs LURVE grass, it is their favourite food usually. In the wild, guinea-pigs live on grass, practically. And yes, there are wild guinea-pigs.

Is pig food good for guinea pigs?

No pig food IS NOT good for guinea pigs. Guinea pigs have a very sensitive digestive system. Guinea pigs also require a different diet then regular pigs. A guinea pig is not part of the pig family. Guinea pigs need alot of vitamin c and vegetables. It is very important not to feed your Piggy any food that says it is for other animals. Make sure it says for guinea pigs specifically on the package. I have one guinea pig and he eats nothing but the best quality food. Guinea pigs mostly get there vitamin c from vegetables you feed them but they can get it from pellets that have vitamin c in them and is made just for them.

How are guinea pigs used all over the world?

Guinea pigs originated in South America as food.

Why do have to remove seeds from guinea pigs food?

Guinea pigs vcan easily choke on smal seeds.

Can you feed guinea pigs red cabbage?

no you cant feed guinea pigs red cabbage but btw you can feed any guinea pigs light green food

Can guinea pigs et carrots?

Yes, of course guinea pigs can eat carrots. Carrots are the favorite food of many guinea pigs and it is very good and healthy for them.

Can guinea pigs eat peaches?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat peaches.Generally, guinea pigs will eat anything they think smell good. The answer is yes.... guinea pigs will eat whatever they want. But I think you want to know are peaches healthy for guinea pigs they will eat it because they think they're sweet. Although guinea pigs like peaches doesn't mean that should be a replacement for food. They're diet is mainly greens, carrots, food pellots (guinea pig food), and timothy hay.

Why guinea pigs have pouches?

guinea pigs have cheek pouches but are not marsupials. these pouches are usually used to store food.

Where are guinea pigs on the food web?

Guinea-pigs are eaten by carnivores but eat vegetation, so approx in the middle

How do guinea pigs obtain energy?

Guinea Pigs obtain energy from their food (kibble, vegetables, fruits, etc.)

Can guinea pigs eat gerbil and hamster food?

No, guinea pigs have different diets than gerbils and hamsters.

What is the best habitat fir guinea pigs?

the best habitat for guinea pigs is a large cage with lots of food

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Straw?

guinea pigs need to eat straw to help them digest their food properly :)

When do guinea pigs open there mouths?

for food

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