How do guys show they really care?

First question: Is this a guy asking this question? If so, I would recommend being as gentlemanly as possible. You know, holding doors open, calling just to see how her day is going...etc. You don't have to buy her a bunch of expensive things because anyone with a wallet can do that. Just spend time doing things with her that she likes to do. Main thing to remember: if she tells you something she likes, REMEMBER it! If she says she loves old romance movies, then plan a special night just for the two of you where you make her favorite foods and you guys watch her favorite movie. Trust me, she will get the hint. Most guys (no offense) generally are into the same stuff, chocolates, flowers...etc. All of that stuff is nice, but try to be original! You can show her you care if you just listen to her. Good luck, hope I was of some help...:)