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How do hippopotamus mate?

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they drink a lot of beer, because beer is what helps everything, especially if your ugly and fat

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How are hipopotumases made?

Well i guess the hippopotamus mate.

What old will the hippo be when it can marry?

The Hippopotamus animal does not get married, though they do mate when they are sexually mature.

Where is the hippopotamus from?

=there are two kinds of hippopotamus such as the river hippopotamus and the pygmy hippopotamus but both live in africa.=

What types of hippos are their?

pygmy hippopotamus Madagascan pygmy hippopotamus river hippopotamus

What is the spanish word for hippopotamus?


What is an adult hippopotamus called?

A Hippopotamus

How many chromosomes does a hippopotamus have?

The Nile hippopotamus and the pygmy hippopotamus, both have 36 chromosomes.

What is the scientific name for river hippopotamus?

The scientific name of the river hippopotamus is Hippopotamus amphibius.

What are the three types of hippos?

pygmy hippopotamus Madagascan pygmy hippopotamus river/hippopotamus

What is the scientific name of hippopotamus?

Hippopotamus amphibius

What is the Latin name for a hippopotamus?

hippopotamus amphibius...

Scientific name of hippopotamus?

hippopotamus amphibius

Are hippopotamus mammals?

Yes, hippopotamus are mammals.

When was The Hippopotamus created?

The Hippopotamus was created in 1994.

What do you call hippopotamus in America?

We say hippopotamus.

What is the feminine name for hippopotamus?

A female hippopotamus is called a cow. The male hippopotamus is called a bull. A group of hippopotamus is called either a crash or herd.

Meaning of the word Hippopotamus?

Hippopotamus = Horse of the river

How do you spell hippopotamus?

That is the correct splling for "hippopotamus" (hippo).

Is hippopotamus an amphibian?

no. a hippopotamus is a semi aquatic mammal.

The hippopotamus is indigenous to what continentent?

The hippopotamus is indigenous to Africa

The hippopotamus is indigenous to what countinent?

The hippopotamus is indigenous to Africa

Does a hippopotamus have ears?

Yes, a hippopotamus has two ears.

What are some 12 letter animals?


Do hippopotamus have a backbone?

The hippopotamus is a mammal, has a backbone, and is a vertebrate.

What is a cross between a hippopotamus and a centaur?

A hippopotamus centaur.