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How do homeschooled children do on national testing compared to public school children?

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2011-09-12 22:21:36
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I was homeschooled since first grade, have known hundreds or thousands of homeschoolers over the years and am now homeschooling my own children. I also come from a family full of teachers and am a substitute teacher myself. Of the hundreds of homeschooling families I have known very personally over the years (and comparing them to the children I see at the numerous public schools in our area where I have and do substitute teach), I have seen over and over again that just because someone is not highly educated it does NOT mean that there children cannot receive not only an equal but a better education than most of the children in our public schools! Overall the homeschooled students in our area (Indiana) do MUCH better on National Tests both while in school and before entering college (i.e. SAT, etc.) than their public school counterparts!


Where I live (Indiana), homeschooled students are not required to take any tests, but in general homeschooled students rank much higher on test scores than public school children!

I teach fifth grade in Illinois and have been the first public school teacher for 5 different kids. Each has entered school (after being home schooled)reading below grade level, with limited mathematical skills (they had been taught arithmetic, not mathematical thinking and comprehensive topics such as geometry and pre-algebra, and their writing skills were extremely low. Their skills were limited to the topics their parents had mastered in school or felt comfortable with. I know of a group of parents who collaborate on home-schooling and whose kids shine, but all of those parents are highly educated and devout religious people. Parents without degrees or knowledge need to keep in touch with their local schools if they are to be successful as home schoolers.

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