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I was homeschooled my entire life. My feelings toward homeschooling? I think it could be a rewarding experience for some families but there needs to be increased oversight to ensure that it is NEVER conducted in isolation.

Most homeschoolers are active in their community and receive, at minimum, adequate and balanced socialization. I, however, did not. We lived in a rural area and my 'studies' were conducted in almost total isolation from the community. I'm living proof that, while we may not be the norm, such homeschoolers do exist.

So, how has this affected me? Well, I made a 1380 on my SAT and a 29 on my ACT and was accepted by all of the colleges that I applied to. I am currently a junior at college with a 3.5 GPA.

However, I suffer from moderate to severe social anxiety and am particularly awkward around my peers. Although I've made a few friends at college, I find it difficult to make new friends. I sometimes feel like a foreigner who doesn't know the culture because I didn't listen to the same music and I never played sports or had a prom or graduation ceremony, etc. Class presentations are also very difficult for me.

Basically, homeschooling can be a good thing because of its flexibility, the favorable teacher to student ratio which allows the 'teacher' to devote more time to the student(s), and a host of other things. But parents considering homeschooling must realize that it involves a lot of work and that they are also responsible for providing their children with adequate opportunities to socialize, play sports, etc.

I was homeschooled for 13 years. I don't think I got as good of an education as I could have gotten in our paticular local school district, but I averaged at least a B in all my subjects and have made it into a private Nazarene college in Ohio.

I liked it because I only had to spend as much time as it took to get my work done. This was usually 2-4 hours. I could sleep late and stay up late. I could play for a longer time than most kids but I had trouble finding what to do until they came home from school. I could be involved in more activities and help out at my church more often than I might have been able to.

I disliked it because I feel like I missed a bunch of stuff in school. I didn't have class disscusion time at my house. I remember more of what I hear and observe than of what I read so I felt like I was not as smart as everyone else. I did not have discipline so I was behind for most of the year. I felt like my parents couldn't have been as hard on me as my college teachers are going to be. I mean, they were my parents. What parent flunks their kid?

I wouldn't go back and change it, but sometimes I wonder, if I had the choice to public school and homeschooling, which one would I like better?

I was homeschooled for eight years. I hated it. It made me feel like a true outsider, even compared to other homeschool kids. I suppose now things are a bit different, but in the 80's most homeschool moms really WERE crazy eccentrics. Most of the "kids" in our homeschool group were babies. There were very few older kids, and at least half of them were strange. Now, strange is not a bad thing, I just mean to say that at least then, the porportion of eccentrics in homeschooling was very very high. The idea that homeschoolers are wierd does come from fact, because, at least in Georgia, we were!

My parents were not disciplined at all. My mom had four of us, and as a result my older brother and I didn't get any formal education once the younger two came around.

I remember feeling trapped as a kid, my home life was in turmoil and I had no escape from it. The only activities we did were with the church, and there I felt the most like an outsider. Most of the other kids went to school together, and their parents were friends. I think homeschooling worsened my middle school experience.

Yes, there were some good things about it. I learned to think outside the box, and to question authority (this didn't help me in highschool very much). But I often think of how much further ahead I would be if I'd had the opportunities of public school at an earlier age.

My youngest sibling is still homeschooled, she should be in 11th grade, but she's home most of the time. It's horrible for her. Every year she watches all her friends (mostly from church) go back to school without her. She has to deal with my parents all day long and gets very little encouragement from them. They just don't know what opportunities are out there for my sister. They're not as well prepared as a school system to help her achieve.

Parents that want to help their kids should put them in public school and not forget about them. If my parents had sent any of us into public schools, and still spent time with us, we would have done so much better! You can't see public school as a baby sitter. Kids need their parent's involvement, but they also need to learn from their community, their peers, and from structure (other than their parents) in school. The combination works wonders. kids that "fall through the cracks" do so because their parents aren't involved in their education, not because they're in public school.

If there are other "recovering homeschoolers" out there I'd love to hear from you! you can contact me through e-mail blairhoover at

I was homeschooled, and I absolutely loved it. I attended public school for kindergarten through 2nd grade, and private school for the first part of 3rd grade. I hated going to school because I never learned anything - I was always one of the youngest in my class, yet I already knew everything they were teaching. I was also verbally abused by my principal because I was "too smart" and was told that my intelligence was a "problem that was my mother's fault." The school system told my mom that there was something wrong with me, because students are under no circumstance supposed to test above their grade level. My mom was even told she was a bad mother for teaching me things outside of school. So, after years of struggling with the school system, my mom pulled me out and started homeschooling me. At the 5th grade level of my umbrella program, I tested at the college level for reading and writing, and at a 10th grade level for math. I was a 3-year-early high school graduate. I had no problems socially - I was able to make plenty of friends through extra-curricular activites and such.

I would recommend homeschooling to anyone, whether its students that find the curriculum in the school system too easy, or find the curriculum too hard, just as long as they have someone intelligent and reliable that will give them a good education. A good homeschooling education is almost always better than a good public school education, but if both the parent and the child aren't devoted to the homeschooling, the child is much better off in a public or private school. That said, I would also recommend an umbrella program for homeschoolers. It works with a pre-done curriculum (sometimes the same one used at a private school), and in some cases the umbrella program will grade the tests. It allows the student to work with a standard curriculum, but still enables him or her to work at their appropriate pace.

For Christian parents and children, I highly recommend umbrella schools that use the A.C.E. program. It's a wonderful, Christian-based program, and there are many umbrella programs that use it. I used it for homeschooling, and I couldn't imagine anything better.

homeschooling seemed nice, but in many cases -including mine- parents become too clingy. I estimate that 1-10 girls in my church is homeschooled, and from what I saw, mosto of them were behind both socially/emotionally and educationly. I you do not like public schools because of drugs, violence, etc. send your child to a charter school. They are free- like public schools, but the curriculim can be different. After homeschooling I attended a public and charter school. Trust me both are very good. Yes, I opted out of reproduction and I was never offered drugs/drinks. There is life beyond a home and I know that now. Whatever you do, dont homeschool your children past 2nd grade!

I was home schooled through 8th grade and loved it all my siblings did.we then went on to private and catholic high schools where we made lots of friends and had absolutely no problems academically because our mother and tutors kept us studying a year above grade level.I would suggest home schooling to anyone with patience, discipline and financial means to get your child into extra curricular activities. I do have to say though it is i knew one or two home school families that were isolated and believed that was ok it is not home schooling has many benefits but also a few disadvantages if you are thinking of home schooling please do, but don't forget your children need peers and knowledge of the outside world to develop correctly.

I was in public school from kindergarten- 1/4 of my freshman year. I HATED the school I was going to more than anything in the world. I was a match away from burning that 200 count pop. town to the ground! I homeschooled because that public school made me seriously depressed and I couldn't take it anymore. I LOVE homeschooling now. But I have hardly ANY friends. It's kind of pathetic. I made the decision to homeschool. If I didn't go those 9 years of public school I would be dumber than a post. So that was the only plus for me. I got a better education at public school. But I want to go to college when I'm 16 so that's why I'm homeschooling..I can get school done faster.

I think homeschooling should be considered in light of the individual needs of each child--some kids definitely benefit, and some definitely don't. We should get beyond petty arguments. A friend of mine struggled tremendously with his homeschooling experience. At the age of 19, he still lagged behind in the 9th grade. I was also homeschooled, but had a very different outcome (having graduated with honors from a university at the age of 19.) Much of the situation depends on the child, and his or her own learning styles and needs.

I am a 35 year old male that was homeschooled for most of my life through the A.C.E program, which I understand at one time was not even accredited. I believe I got a raw deal for the most part. I was given this lot in life for the sake of religion. Even though my father is no longer alive the question I often like to ask him now that I am older is "why". He was not an ignorant man and actually only had one semester to finish for his CPA in accounting prior to enlisting in the military ( he never finished). But for some reason he fell for a cult like church which believed all public schools were evil and the product they produced would be the same. Well, let me tell you, I was far from being an angel as a teenager and in our circles, I would have been considered rebellious (I was). The part that really gripes me though is the fact that my parents had no involvment in my schooling but rather my Aunt who at one point even decided to move next door to us because of her insane attachment to one of my siblings. She too belonged to this church (phsyco)! As a result, we had limited instruction / teaching and were basically left to ourselves (four brothers) and when we did have problems we were treated harshly because no one had the patience to explain something to us. Did I mention the the Aunt did not even have a high school diploma! We (four brothers and I) were basically expected to teach ourselves. I never knew growing up that there were actually guidelines governing homeschooling, but later in life I found out that my Aunt was acutally not permitted to homeschool us. By law my parents should have taught us. Then I thought, "how did the local school district let us slip through the crack and not hold my parents accountable?" Why didn't we have to report to the local school district? Well, it turns out that my aunt used the name of the Academy through the church we attended, which was no longer in existence, as a means to avoid any reporting requirements to the local school district. No wonder!!! On top of all that, my father actually paid her pretty good money to homeschool all of us. I don't know for sure, but it almost seemed like a pretty good deal for her to give up. She could stay home with her daughter (her too!) and get paid! What a deal! As for my brothers and I, we all feel pretty much the same way, we got robbed. Robbed of meeting other children in our neighborhood, robbed of any community involvement, robbed of sports activities, robbed of support for higher education, robbed of so many opportunities and advantages that so many kids probably thought to be a bore and took for granted. Though my opportunities were limited I managed to obtain my GED, since the diploma we would have received was not real. Today I am a manager in a good size corporation and I am doing well, but the thought that I just cannot get pass is "why".

I was homeschooled for several years, and public schooled for the rest. There are advantages and disadvantages for both. The relaxed schedule of homeschooling was great. We could take the day off, I could learn at my own pace (faster than normal), wake up whenever I wanted, take a break whenever I wanted. All I had to do was get the work done on schedule, which I easily did. The learning experience was probably inferior, but that's mostly just because of the Christian school books and their distorted worldview. I feel like there are some gaps in my education, but they're not huge. We had homeschool group for doing lab experiments and sports, etc. so that wasn't missing. I did very well in testing and college work.

I was very shy at public school and didn't make friends well, but made friends much more easily in homeschool group and visiting with other families. However, this is mostly because of the homogeneity of the homeschool group. I knew everyone else was in the same situation as me, so I felt at ease and knew they wouldn't judge me. I had "automatic friends" in a sense. No effort expended, no fears of rejection (in fact, some of the other people in the group were pretty weird, so I was normal by comparison). On the other hand, this prepared me pretty poorly for the real world. Now that I'm not religious and out of that group of people, I find it very hard to socialize with people, since I never learned the skills required in public school or extracurricular social events. I'm out of touch with their culture, and irrationally fearful of "worldly" activities, even though I know rationally that they are harmless and I would enjoy them. I don't fit in with church people, and I don't fit in with anyone else. It's very lonely.

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Q: How do homeschooled people feel about homeschooling?
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