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While I don't have the specific answer, you should be able to find that and much more through one of the research links at the Homeschool Legal Defense Association:

By the way, I believe every homeschooler should join HSLDA.

I am homeschooled. When I took the state tests I was in the 97 percentile.

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Q: How do homeschooled students compare to public school students in state test results?
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Are homeschooled students suffering from being only subjected to their family members and no one their own age?

Students who are homeschooled are often socialized with other homeschooled students to broaden their social network. Homeschooling is a perfectly fine alternative to public schools, and students are not isolated from other peers.

Was John Adams homeschooled or public schooled?

He was public schooled.

What is Piers-Harris Children's Self-Concept Scale?

"Taylor employed the Piers-Harris Children's Self-Concept Scale (PHCSCS) to measure the central core of personality with homeschooled children in grades 4-12. The results of the nationwide study revealed that homeschooled students scored significantly higher than public school students for the global scale and all six subscales of the PHCSCS, indicating that these particular homeschooled students have a higher and more positive self-concept than the public school students. The conclusion is that insofar as self-concept reflects socialization, homeschoolers are neither socially deprived nor inferior regarding socialization (Taylor 1986)" (Romanowski 2006, "Revisiting the Common Myths About Homeschooling").

Do homeschool kids still have to pass the MCAS?

No you homeschooled child is not required to take the MCAS test. This test is only a require of students who are in public school.

Are homeschooled children smarter than public school children?

Yes homeschooled kids get better grades

Where was Nick Vujicic homeschooled?

He was not homeschooled. He was one of the first disabled children in Australia to be mainstreamed and attend public school.

Did Justin Bieber go to public school?

no he is homeschooled

How do homeschooled children do their public speaking lesson?

rollin doobiws

Should students with Asperger's Syndrome be homeschooled or go to public schools?

Public schools. The more social situations they encounter, the more used to them they will become. You dont want to keep your child at home for years, and them expect them to walk out into the world and be fine.

Is Josh Hutcherson homeschooled or does he go to public school?

home schooled

Can a 9th grade student get homeschooled instead of a public school?


Do homeschooled kids have better grades than publicschooled kids?

No, children at public schools get better grades. They are taught by better "teachers" than their parents. The children at public schools have better oppurtunities to get into college. They have more experience and are heard from more than the isolated homeschooled kids. Students at public school get better amounts of time to study and get things done. Also, waking up early for public school trains children for when they get older and have to get up early for their jobs.

Do homeschooled children have the same work as those in public schools?

Every student has got different work to do even if you talk about only public schools. So same is the case with home schools. Home schools like UK Open College assign different tasks to their students. It totally depends on the course you are going for. Some courses are easy and less burdensome but some courses are a bit tough and demand some hard work from the students. So I must say that you cannot compare the tasks ratio between public schools and home schools.

Do homeschooled students perform better on test than public school students?

Mostly, yes. But I'm unsure of the exact numbers... If a home schooled student does better (which happens a lot) then it's because the home-schooled child has more one-on-one time with their teacher, and a public-schooled teacher has to focus on ALL the kids...

Who is more social public schooled homeschooled or private schooled?

well, public and private is more PUBLIC but you get better People skills when you homeschool :)

Do teens like being homeschooled?

I was homeschooled since the 2nd grade up until 9th grade when I went to public school. I've had a lot of experiance being homeschooled. Homeschooling is great as long as you are involved in extra activities.

What to do if you're homeschooled and you have crush on someone who is in public school?

The regular stuff, except after school.

What do you compare in public administration?

we compare political institutions

Does Justin Bieber go to a public or private school?

Justin gets homeschooled by a private tutor.

Can you go to public school and still be a model?

Yes, many young models actually are homeschooled.

If you are homeschooled can you still sign up to play football for a public school?

In most cities yes.

Are public schooled dumber than homeschooled?

Public schooled might not be as smart as home schooled because home school is one on one

Was Ronald Reagan's school private public or was he homeschooled?

Reagan went to public schools through high school. His college, Eureka College, is private.

Were the wright brothers homeschooled?

Nope! Stories about their life in public school can be read in their biography on Google Books.

Was Clara Barton homeschooled?

Yes, she was home schooled. She did get some public schooling, but most of her education was at home.