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How do homeschoolers do in college?


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I am doing online schooling but it is the same as homeschooling. Homeschoolers do much better in college because you don't have any distractions so you are more focused on school work. Of course if you are focused on school you will do great in college. I was in a public school through 8th grade and wasn't doing so good. I started online schooling/homeschooling and I am doing much better now.

I have two homeschooled daughters presently in college. Both of them are in the honors program because they did well on their ACT exams. They continue to do well (on the Dean's List with an A average). Yes, there is more to college life than the grades. We have had the opportunity to meet some of their new college friends and have been very pleased with their choices. They are selective, something I am very grateful for. College is not for everyone, just as homeschooling is not for everyone. But it worked for us!

I was taught at home from 2nd grade on and did wonderfully, as did my home-taught siblings. I actually started taking college courses as a non-matriculated student at age 16 and spent several years earning my bachelor's degree. I am now pursuing a master's. I should point out that neither of my parents were professional educators; they were just two people who wanted to give their children a more hands-on, attentive education than they were getting at the time. I should also point out that I also decided to attend high school for two years, and while I did decide to eventually leave due to sheer boredom and frustration, I did very well socially, and was elected class president among other accomplishments. I say this not to brag, but to discount all the people who claim that hometaught children have problems socializing etc,. If you're thinking of homeschooling your child, go for it. I would say that you have more reason to do it now than my parents did to do it 18 years ago. NO teacher, no matter how well-intentioned he or she is, can give your child the love, attention, and positive influence that you can.

Homeschoolers tend to be self-motivators and in the college environment that is exactly what one needs. Self-motivation is really key because your teachers are not going to tell you what to do 24/7 like they do in highschool. I am a former homeschool student. I am in the 11th grade attending college. Being homeschooled through out my late elementary years and jr. high attending high school in the 10th grade was not what I had expected, at all. In the one year that I had attended high school I felt like I had already out-grown the people and the idea of high school where as, in college, I feel alot more comfortable in my environment. The people are far more mature and realistic. As far as academically, I have a 3.8 at the college. My boyfriend is also a previous homeschooler and attends college as a junior, as well. His experiences have been quite similar to my own. All homeschoolers that I have met(known), THRIVE in the college environment!

Ours is doing excellent.

Most homeschooled students do very well in college. Average test scores among homeschoolers in comparison to public school students is extremely high. The one-on-one attention they receive allows a much better education than the alternative. Homeschoolers actually enjoy reading and writing, which, unfortunately cannot be said about most students these days.


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Yes. A lot of colleges are looking for homeschoolers

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Absolutely. More and more universities recognize that homeschoolers are a great asset to their institution. Many universities have specific procedures for handling homeschool applications. Some homeschoolers attend community college in high school and can use those transcripts as proof of ability or even to receive college credit. Homeschoolers have been accepted into every prestigious university in the US.

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the best resources specifically for homeschoolers is ( think that was the best website for homeschoolers based on my knowledge.

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Yes, of course! In fact, (and this IS true, I promise, it was on AOL), this eleven year old boy was homeschooled his whole life and went into college when he was eleven!

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I would talk to your public school. They will have some sort of record of other homeschoolers in the area.

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