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How do hoverboards work?


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April 27, 2009 5:51PM

A hover board is a board that has magnets on bottom. The reason that it has magnets is so it can propel itself upward with the magnetic pull in the ground. The way that they propel themselves upward is the same way two north magnets deflect from each other. The only difference in my previous statement and how a hover board works is the hover board has a special battery in it that picks up on the magnets in the ground like a metal detector picks up on metal. Doing this can let it defy gravity and propel the board and person upward. Keep in mind though that the magnets in the ground are not in grass, water, or wood. Another type of hover board is one that uses ion wind. This way seems to be less popular for it is hard to find enough to power a full sized hover board. Also the amount of energy of ion wind is 20,000 volts. As well the way of balancing is a lot harder. If were to get one I would suggest the magnetic one. Hover boards are a new thing so be careful and be safe.