How do tosters work?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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they just work they just work,work,work

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Q: How do tosters work?
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tv , tosters , fridges , printers

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Are tosters banned in Cuba?

yes...they're considered too American and they offend the dictator

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What is a tosters power used or current drawn?

Depends on the model, usually there is a information plate on the device showing power consumption in watts, The theoretical current flow can be estimated from : I (current - amps) = Power (watts) / Voltage (volts). > So if you have a 1000 watt toaster @ 230 volts supply, the current in amps = 1000 / 230 = 4.35 amps.

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There are a few reasons cars may have more then one battery. Cars with big stereos sometimes run a second battery along with large capacitors to be able to supply the stereo with power. 4WD's sometimes have a second battery if they are running a 24 Volt system. Or maybe a second battery may be used in a campervan for example to power devices like lights and tosters without draining the main battery ensuring you can start the engine.

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