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How do humans affect earth?


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Yes, everything we do affects the earth

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Humans negatively affect the earth by causing litter to overcome Earth

Humans and natural activities affect the earth. The environment is also affected.

they affect the environment by Being On the earth

the god and the devil made a pact, and created earth with humans on it. from there on every action humans made would affect the path they take.

humans dont affect the earth in a good way because humans are bad people so why dont u becaome a robot its much better

it effects there homes there invierment how the things r for them

Gravity affects humans similar to the way it affects any object. It attracts us toward the Earth.

Landforms affect life on Earth in a interdependent way. Humans give nutrients and have to adapt to the new surroundings and the landform has to get used to human populated environment. Landforms are many different types of naturally formed earth. Geologists study all types of landforms, for the human and physical features.Landforms affect humans by their shifting from the tectonic plates, their effects on the climate, and how humans grow food.

Global warming is going to affect both us and the earth. The difference is that the earth can cope with climate change and its effects, but humans will find this more difficult and may not survive.

It could uproot trees and lay waste to town where humans live.

its important because if it is disturbed it can affect whole earth.

the effect on humans is that more and more people are now concerned with helping the earth more than before.

Layers of the atmosphere affect the humans very much. The ozone layer is one such which protects us from the UV rays.

Humans don't affect the occurance of earthquakes.

*How do pesticides affect humans and animals?

The Earth affecting us is one side of the question. Humans affecting each other is another side. Humans affecting each other due to the Earth is also another subject. We are affected by the Earth, by the Moon, by the Sun, and all of us affect each other by human reasons and by the Solar system reasons, and finally by the Universe reasons.

Humans live on the surface of the earth.

Humans affect the enviorment by the green house affect ,polution and having landfills

It is the degree of which a substance can affect humans. A toxin or a poison.

Yes humans can live in earth because earth has oxygen.

Humans evolved on Earth, they did not "land" here.

About 5.2 Billion Humans exist on this earth.

biomass can affect the earth

global warming is the act of the earth getting warmer which makes ice melt and turn into water which will soon flood the earth.

ther are alot of humans on the earth and there are about 6.6 million

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