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The humans and animals bodies grow through the expansion and build up of the cells. This is made possible through the energy that is derived from food eaten.

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They grow by the cells dividing in the body therefore making the body bigger

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Cells divide and they multiply until you grow larger

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Q: How do humans and animals bodies grow?
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How do humans bodies grow?

Our bodies grow more cells,but more and more cells die.

Can Mold Grow On Animals?

Sloths certainly grow cyanobacteria, which are primitive fife forms, but not molds, on their bodies and these aid in their camouflage. But there are various fungal infections on humans such as ringworm and tinea.

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they grow like humans and animals

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No, they can't.

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Humans,animals,and plants

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It is hard to understand what you are asking, but no not necessarily. Animals' bodies and humans' bodies are different, even in animals that are similar to people, like chimpanzees and pigs, and humans who are like animals (!)*. Of course, some chemicals tht are harmful to animals are harmful to people as well, but this may will be a coincidence. Chimpanzees are immune to malaria and HIV. *Please excuse my terrible sense of humour!

Why is animals important in soil?

their bodies decompose and enrich the soil so that plants can grow

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Well, the eyes in both humans and animals do not grow at all from birth.

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