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Long carrot-shaped thing goes into little slit.

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Can you have hump?

Everyone has a hump.

How does a golden eagle thrust?

In and out, in and out, up and down, hump hump hump.

How heavy is a camels hump?

a camels hump is hump is quite heavy

In regards to cdrm in dogs can the front legs be affected also or is it only the hind legs?

hump it good it will get better hump it good it will get better hump it good it will get better hump it good it will get better hump it good it will get better hump it good it will get better

What is the hump on brahman cattle called?

A hump.

When is hump day?

Hump Day is on Wednesday

Can girls hump pillows?

you can hump anything.

Can 13 year olds hump pillows?

yes, if your in the mood and too young to really hump someone, hump a pillow! hump a toy! anything really

How do you hump a person?

You dry hump there vagina in there jeans

Is hump day a holiday?

No their is no such thing as a hump day!

Can guys hump?

no, they will break their penis. Yes. They can "hump."

What is the swear word in mama do the hump?

"niqqah do the hump"

Why does your dog hump you?

Dogs hump as a form of dominance. When they hump other dogs they are trying to claim dominance over them. It is the same reason why dogs try to hump people.

What do you call the camel that has one hump?

a one-hump-camel

Meaning double hump on heads?

meaning of double hump

How does a boy hump his bed?

put your penis on the bed and hump.

Will a gay man hump you?

Yes they will hump you to the floor.

What are lyrics to got to get over the hump?

you gotta get over the hump

Does a camel keep water in its hump?

No. The hump is storage for fat.

When did Buffalo Hump die?

Buffalo Hump died in 1870.

When was Buffalo Hump born?

Buffalo Hump was born in 179#.

What is inside a camel's hump?

fat. fat is inside an camel's hump.

What is a animal with only one hump?

The Dromedary , a camel , has but the one hump .

What is in a hump of an animal?

In most cases, an animals hump contains fat.

You want to be a lesbian with someone?

luv luv hump hump lick

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