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How do hurricanes affect the ocean?


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Hurricanes mix up the nutrients in the water and mix oxygen from the atmosphere into the ocean. This affects the microorganisms in the water which affects the whole ocean food chain since they are the bottom of the food chain. They also destroy coral reefs and displace sea animals. Hurricanes also produce a temporary decease in sea surface temperatures.

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evaporation from the ocean waters. wind on the ocean can cause hurricanes. etc...

Hurricanes get their energy from warm ocean water. Therefore hurricanes will tend to form and strengthen where there are warm ocean currents and tend to weaken where there are cold ocean currents. This is why hurricanes frequently strike the east coast of North America but not the west coast.

they erode shorelines away and put debris in the ocean

Hurricanes develop over the ocean not land so their strength could possibly kill some ocean animals or displace their habitat. Once on land, the flooding caused by hurricanes could harm land animals.

Hurricanes that affect Texas come from the Atlantic Ocean into the Gulf of Mexico.

Atlantic Ocean or north eastern Pacific ocean well ther scientifical name is "tropical cyclone" but if thy happen in these two oceans then tthey r called hurricanes

Yes. Hurricanes form over warm ocean water.

Hurricanes are experienced more in the Pacific Ocean. The western Pacific experiences more hurricanes. The Atlantic and the Indian Ocean also experience hurricanes.

Hurricanes need warm ocean water to develop. The water in the northern Atlantic Ocean is too cold for hurricanes to form.

No. Milwaukee is too far from the ocean to get hurricanes.

No there are not any hurricanes in Illinois because it is not by the ocean.

That is not true. Hurricanes form in the Atlantic Ocean every year.

Oceans have lots of water. This water can cause hurricanes or tropical storms. Winds coming off the ocean can cool the land.

For two reasons. First, hurricanes tend to travel westward, so Pacific hurricanes will general travel away from the U.S. Additionally, there are cold ocean currents off the U.S. west coast, which tends to suppress hurricanes. By contrast the ocean water along the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts is much water, which is ideal for hurricanes.

Since hurricanes can only form over warm ocean water and weaken quickly when over land, the primarily affect coastal areas in and near the tropics.

No. Hurricanes form ocean water and don't last long once they hit land. Minnesota is too far from the ocean to get hurricanes.

Hurricanes get their energy from evaporation from warm ocean water.

Hurricanes form over warm ocean water.

Yes, hurricanes are a tropical oceanic phenomenon.

Yes, that is where hurricanes usually form.

No. Hurricanes only happen when the ocean is close

Hurricanes affect people economically because they destroy property

No. Hurricanes can only form over warm ocean water and Illinois is too far from the ocean.

it will affect many wild life and people. hurricanes are strong enough to kill many

Hurricanes appear near the ocean because a hurricane waves come from the water in the ocean. Hurricanes can create big winds and storms to other place that can be near by!!!!

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