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How do i catch mew in emerald?


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u cant unless u trade with Pokemon FireRed or leafgreen


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You cannot catch mew unless you have a cheating device such as game shark. If you do not have the cheating device, then im afraid its impossible to catch mew in emerald. :(

yes,and you can only get him on emerald.

You need to trade Mew from Emerald

Pokemon firered emerald

can't but you can get one from emerald if you have the old sea chart and catch mew at faraway island.

you dont. you have to trade from emerald.

It is not possible to catch Mew is Pokémon Emerald version without using cheats. The only way to get it would be to trade.

Its not possible to get mew in firered only emerald can via Nintendo event.

there is no way to catch mew in Pokemon ruby you have to get him from Pokemon emerald then trade him you need to catch mew by going to a event or you could use action replay

You can't catch it on Firered you can only catch it in Emerald

as i know, in Pokemon emerald, ruby and sphere

The old sea map is a event for Pokemon Emerald to catch mew.

you can't you have to use action replay or gameshark to get mew in that game which is cheating.only in Pokemon emerald mew is naturally a Pokemon in the game

you have to catch it in Pokemon emerald. to catch it in emerald, you have to have the old sea map (event item). then talk to Captain Briney and he will take you to faraway island. then, mew will run around in the tall grass. eventually when you catch up with it, you will be able to capture it.

Unfortunately not at this time. The only way to catch them in Emerald is to obtain certain items only available at nintendo events. hope this helps :)

You can't catch it anywhere. You'll need to trade for it from Pokemon Emerald.

you can only get mew through a gameshark or Nintendo event. here is the gameshark to go to faraway island where you can catch Mew: 8DEB234A 4C8DC5EC

sorry no. it's fake. There is a mew and a scientist cloned mew in a movie and created mew 2. the only way there is a mew 3 if they cloned mew 2.

no.... only mew 2 but if you want one get emerald and use action replay on it and migrate it to your game

It gives u the event where u can catch Mew

No, Deoxys is only in Emerald, and you need to migrate it to can catch it. As for Celebi and Mew, you need a cheat code for them.

I found a website saying you can only get Mew in FireRed by trading Mew from Emerald.

you must get the retard mewtwo witch you get from pro.brich After deafet aleatfour

find an catch deoxes4 and go to the sailor in mew iland dont lisen to that.

You must get a Old Sea Chart from a Nintendo Event.

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