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How do i fix a celica where drivers window works fine but other three windows will not roll down and has no motor sound and the indicator light on the window button is not lit but drivers button is?


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2007-02-21 18:11:29
2007-02-21 18:11:29

you need to replace the window master switch


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by the drivers feet or passangers feet and under the hood

Unfortunately no, these windows are a completely different design. The frames are also different. The ST204 have a different shape to the 2001 Celica's.

It's most likely your alternator going out, or something wrong with the charging system.....

That operates the ejector seat. :-) Don't you have an owner's manual?

by the battery and theres a fuse panel by ur left foot when ur in the drivers seat

It is located in the engine compatment on the drivers side inside the fuse box and it is listed as EFI

Its located on the drivers side engine panel toward the bottom its very difficult to get to.

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The fuel filter is located on the drivers side under but close to the air filter and the brake master cylinder.

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