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How do i get a girl to kiss me?


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b romantic.......Go in for a kiss put ur lips on hers..and massage her tongue and idk how long the kiss is but....dnt release afta she does


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It's ok for one girl to kiss another girl if they are lesbians.

Depends on the girl you kiss, if you kiss a girl u like, its better than if u kiss a random girl

Ashley Tisdale produced a video for her song, Kiss the Girl, which can be seen on You Tube. She did not kiss a girl on the video.

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your start to lean in and then turn your head to kiss a girl

The same way you kiss any girl: with your lips.

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do you mean what is it when you kiss a girl? ...well the ansewer to ur question is it leaves the girl dreaming about u! believe it or not a kiss is a powerfull thing! ;P

YOU KISS HER! lean in, not to close. look in her eyes, kiss her!!

just ask the girl if she wants to kiss you and then kiss her. if she pushes away dont push her.

Same way as you kiss a boy... With your lips and your tongue, gently

Do not kiss a girl friend if you have a cold sore.

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