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you can do it by giving your dog a treat.

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Q: How do i get my nintendog to lie down longer then 5 seconds in Nintendogs plus cats?
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Can Nintendogs plus cats be in English?

nintendogs plus cats is in English

What system do you play Nintendogs and cats on?

you play nintendogs and cats on a 3ds

How do you do a back-flip on Nintendogs Cats on the 3 DS?

I don't think you can do that on nintendogs + cats

Can you get a Briard in Nintendogs?

No, the Briard is not available in all version of Nintendogs and Nintendogs and Cats.

How can I teach my dog in Nintendogs plus Cats to lie down and play dead for 5 seconds?

by using treats and there are mauals on how to do that

Can it snow on Nintendogs?

No. Unfortunately Nintendo added no weather to the Nintendogs or Nintendogs + Cats games.

Can you get an Afghan Hound in Nintendogs?

No, the Afghan Hound is not available in all version of Nintendogs and Nintendogs and Cats.

Does America sell Nintendogs plus cats for dsi?

Sorry, but Nintendogs Plus Cats is only available for the 3DS.

Is Nintendogs and Cats a game for boys?

There are no gender-specific aspects to Nintendogs.

Will Nintendogs 2 even come out?

No I don't think so. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ No. But they do come up with new nintendogs with more dogs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There will b a Nintendogs and Cats. There are new dogs and cats:)

Is Nintendo going to release Nintendogs Plus Cats on the DS?

Nintendo has no plans to release Nintendogs + Cats on the DS at this time.

Can you breed cats on Nintendogs cats?

no you cant breed on nintendogs + cats. you can breed on the first one though. if you need to know how, comment on the disscussion and ill change my answer.