Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

How do i get the pokeradar on Pokemon diamond?

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you have to complete the national pokedex and see professor rowan. then professor oak will come in and give you the pokeradar.

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What is a pokeradar and how do you get it in the Pokemon LeafGreen?

pokeradar is only at Pokemon pearl , diamond and platinum.

Which Pokemon can you get using the PokeRadar in Pokemon Diamond?


How do you get diddo Pokemon on Diamond?

218 with pokeradar

How do you get duscle in Pokemon diamond?

You can get Duskull by using the Pokeradar on Route 224 in Pokemon Diamond. You must use the Pokeradar at night in order to find and catch Duskull.

How do you get a farfetch'd in Pokemon diamond?

By pal park, by pokeradar.

Where do tou get the pokeradar in Pokemon diamond?

You get it after you beat the pokedex.

How do you get flaffy Pokemon diamond?

pokeradar on route 222

Where is the pokeradar on Pokemon Black?

There is no pokeradar in Pokemon Black. That was a thing just for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl just as the C- Gear and the cross-tranceiver.

How do you get the pokeradar in soul silver?

The Pokeradar is not an option in Pokemon SoulSilver. The Pokeradar is only available on the Pokewalker accessory that came with your copy of Pokemon SoulSilver. Plus, the Pokeradar was introduced in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, not in Gold, Silver, or Crystal.

How do you get the pokeradar in Pokemon Diamond?

i dont know someone tell me

Where is Arceus in Pokemon diamond?

Rt 202 pokeradar its not in pearl

Were to find togipie in Pokemon diamond?

Pokeradar on route 230

Where can you find a flaffy in Pokemon diamond?

Route 222 with pokeradar

Pokemon Diamond how to get shedninga?

you can trade it from gb games or the pokeradar

What Pokemon can you find using the pokeradar in Pokemon Diamond?

the Pokemon that dawns little sister tells you

Where do you find a pokeradar in pearl?

To get a pokeradar in Pokemon diamond and pearl, you must see all of the sinnoh Pokemon in the game, then go to profeser rowan's lab and talk to him. he will give you a pokeradar and with it you can find Pokemon from other regions.

On Pokemon diamond where do you find wyruant?

sometimes you can use pokeradar. if you us pokeradar and get 599 smurgles the 600th will be a wyruant

How do you get a pokeradar in Pokemon white?

You cannot get a Pokeradar in Pok_mon White, nor can you get one in Pok_mon Black. You can only get a Pokeradar in Pok_mon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

Where do you catch a larvitar in Pokemon diamond?

go to route 207 with the pokeradar (only works in diamond)

Where do you catch a flaaffy in pokemon diamond?

In route 222. How: Use pokeradar.

Where do you find a miltank on Pokemon diamond?

Pokeradar on routes 209 and 210

How can you get a Ditto on Pokemon diamond?

Go to route 218 and use the pokeradar .

Were do you catch hounddoom in Pokemon diamond?

you have to use your pokeradar on route 205

How do you get miltank on Pokemon Diamond?

go down of solaceon and use pokeradar

Where and how do you catch Miltank on Pokemon diamond?

Routes 209 and 210 with the pokeradar.