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I love this question b/c it keeps getting changed by people who know absolutely nothing about witchcraft or any other nature religion.

Here, again, as people keep changing my answer to ones of ignorance, are some ways you can tell if you are a witch. Truly, the way one finds their religious path is different for each person so this may not be the case for you.

  • you have a strong love of nature and would rather be outdoors
  • you have insatiable questions about religions and feel restless and want to learn more
  • you feel it is your job to help those who can't help themselves
  • you believe that worship can be done anywhere, not in a building
  • you believe strongly in saving the environment
  • you believe in the power of the mind, and that you can create your own future with willpower and love
  • you believe that all living things are divine, and all living things have souls

This is just a small list. Go to your library or local bookstore and there you'll find books that can help you. Even if you are not a witch. That's okay. There is nothing wrong about learning respect and tolerance about the world's religions.

Remember, There are no bad religions, just bad people who say they are religious. If a priest molests a boy - does that makes ALL priests molesters? Of course not. You must learn what is difficult in this day and age - knowledge is power.

There are those who would seek to suppress knowledge and keep it to themselves, driving fear and ignorance amongst the masses to keep them in line. Look beyond this, read, learn, ask, discover.

Even in this forum, where people ask honest questions and are expecting answer from experienced people - I have to re-edit this question a couple times a week simply because someone who doesn't care or is ignorant posts an incorrect answer. Maybe they think it's cute or funny. Maybe they are scared and afraid to say so. Many people scared of something are too scared to learn the truth, and choose lies to scare others instead of opening their minds and hearts. No matter what - keep searching.

Check out the website at the related link below, which is a great website that speaks out for religious tolerance of all religions.

Just for the record:

Having one or more of the above attributes does not mean you are a witch.

- Many people who love the out of doors, and are environmentally conscious and/or active have nothing what so ever to do with witchcraft.

- All theology students (formal and informal on all spiritual paths) have the curiosity and drive to learn about their own (and sometimes others') spiritual path.

- Most true Pagans (many but not all of them calling or considering themselves witches) do not proselytize or work magic of any form without the express knowledge and permission of the one they are "working" for.

- The ability to communicate directly with our gods (not needing an intermediary - priest, etc); create our own sacred space (not needing a formal place of worship - church, temple, etc); and take responsibility for our own actions is a central belief of most forms of Paganism, but is not exclusive to Paganism.

- The concept that all living things have souls is not exclusive to Paganism either. Many Eastern religions hold this to be true.

The word "Witch" has so many interpretations, that many practitioners of the Craft, do not call or consider themselves witches.

If by "being a witch" you mean any of hundreds of personal spiritual paths, the only way to know for certain is to study (books and websites) and talk to others you trust, preferably those who are ethically practicing some form of Paganism. If you find enough similarities between, what they believe, espouse and practice, and what you feel your own ethical belief system/spiritual path is, then there is a strong likelihood you may well be a "witch".

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