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How do i talk to a boy?

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tommy forlander
Answered 2021-03-22 23:11:55

I don't understand a boy that you like your little brother your dad you got to be specific

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If i were you i would talk about him to a friend then when you think your ready try to talk to them.

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How to get a boy to talk to you?

If you want a boy to talk to you, you should start a conversation with him first.

How do you get the boy of your dreams to talk to you?

Just talk to him politely. If he is rude, ignorant, or obnoxious; he is not the boy of your dreams.

How do you get a boy to talk?

try to talk to him buhh be yourself :))

How can you talk to a boy you like?

talk un-flirty

How do you get a 12 year old boy to talk to you?

talk to him....

What does it mean if a boy says he will talk to you if you talk to him?

that he likes you

How do talk to a boy when your friends told this boy that you like him?

Well honey what you do is you confront the boy & you tell him you like him. try flirting and small talk. ;)

How can you talk to a boy that you really like?

Just the way you would talk to any boy. Just be yourself.

Your boy friend and you never have anything to talk about what do you talk about?

find out what he likes and talk about it!

What do you do when you have a crush on a boy?

talk to him

What do you talk about to a boy?

Talk about friends and things yous like to do.

What do you talk to a boy about?

talk about video games. sports. movies

You like a boy but you dont talk to him?

it helps if you talk to him, then he can get to know you.

How do you get a boy 2 talk to you if he goes to your church?

To get a boy to talk to at church is easy. Just go up to him and talk to him, introduce yourself, ask about his interests and relate to them.

How do you know if a boy doesnt want to talk to you anymore?

A boy that does not want to talk to you anymore will not call or text as much. This boy will probably have excuses as to why he can't hang out.

How do you get a boy that you don't talk to like you?

You talk to them. Just start a random conversation or ask someone that knows the boy and talk with him and become "friends" and then soon things will flex.

What if a boy is shy to talk to a girl?

If a boy is too shy to talk to a girl he can write her love notes, email or text her. You would not want the boys friends to talk to her (that is so tacky)! well you can try taking to the boy

How can you tell if a boy doesn't want to talk to you?

if he avoids you and wont talk to you.

How do you talk to a boy that likes you?

that depends on if you like him too? just talk to him.

How do you talk to a 4th grade boy?

just talk with your eyes and your body

What to talk about with a boy when he gose what do you want to talk about?

Something that interests you both

Topics to talk about with a boy?

talk about sports and fun activities.. and sex.

If a boy jokes on you what does that mean and if a boy talk to you or about you?

He probably likes u

How can you get this boy you like at school?

talk to him

Can boy parakeets talk?