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How do i use a soldering?


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-Use a good soldering iron with fine pencil tip. Radio-Shack irons are good and reliable. -It is important to have aclean tip. Do not use very abrasive surfaces to clean / polish the soldering iron tip. if th etip looks bent or damaged, it is worth investing in a new tip. -Please take all precautions while using soldering irons. Solder on a fire resistant surface. Homosote, or dry wall are good . Never leave your iron plugged in and unattended. Do not overload a wall outlet with too many electric appliances. Never set your hot iron down on anything other than an iron stand. Replace the cord of your iron if it becomes worn or gets burnt. To prevent burning your fingers, use needle nose pliers or heat resistant gloves to hold small pieces. Never cut off a grounding prong on an iron plug to make it fit an ungrounded receptacle.


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soldering iron stand use for the electricians to easily the soldering iron make stand

When soldering electronics, you put your hot soldering iron into a stand until you need to use it again, often in a few minutes.

Soldering iron is used in heating the metal for soldering. If you want to learn more about soldering iron visit

When you use a soldering iron you would be soldering some kind of metal frame or something because soldering irons are irrelevant to soldering iron. Sorry, not applicable.

Use soldering to permanently connect electrical contacts, and also to permanently join copper water pipes without leaks (if you do it right!!)

When soldering a person can use an electric tool or a torch. The torch uses a flame, while an electrical tool has a soldering tip which is heated.

The main tools for soldering include a soldering iron, a stand for the soldering iron, and solder. You'd likely use other tools such as brushes, picks, heat sinks, solder wick, desoldering irons, etc.

Soldering irons come in a variety of sizes and shapes. There is a wide selection of soldering irons, soldering pencils, soldering stations and soldering guns available on market in the USA.Which soldering iron is the best soldering iron for you depends on the soldering work you are planning to do and how often you are planning on using your soldering iron. The following four factors should be taken into consideration when picking a soldering iron that will be used for soldering projects on circuit boards:1) ) type of the soldering tools2 wattage of the soldering iron3)temperature control4) tip size and shapeTypes of soldering toolsAll soldering tools can be divided in four different groups-Soldering pencils-Soldering station-Soldering rework /repair stations systems-Soldering gunsSoldering pencilsSoldering pencils are the simplest (and the cheapest) soldering tool. Soldering pencils are good only for simple do-it-yourself projects. The price range of the soldering pencils is $10-$30Soldering stationsSoldering station consists of two parts: soldering pencil and a power station. Soldering pencil is attached to a power station. Power station controls temperature of the iron tip in the wide range. It automatically keeps the iron tip at an appropriate temperature. Desired temperature of soldering iron is set with knob on the face plate of power station. Soldering station can be used for most of soldering projects. It can be used for soldering of through-hole components on circuit board as well as for soldering of very fine surface-mount components as small as 0603 and 0805. The price range of the soldering stations is $40-$150.Soldering rework /repair stations systemsSoldering rework/repair systems are complex soldering tools which are mostly used in industry or in the high-volume manufacturing facilities. This soldering systems are the most expensive soldering tools since they usually consist of power station and 4 or 5 hand pieces including soldering iron, hot-air gun, tweezers , vacuum pump which is used for the de-soldering work. The price range of the soldering systems is $250-$2500.Soldering gunsI do not recommend using soldering guns for fine soldering projects on circuit boards.The most popular brand names for soldering irons in the USA are Weller, Pace and Hakko. Aoyue soldering irons are less popular brand name in the United States then Weller or Pace. However, Aoyue soldering irons are much cheaper and they are good combination of quality and price.There is a wide selection of iron tips. Iron tips come in different shapes and sizes. For most soldering projects you can use screwdriver tip 0.062" or 0.032". For fine soldering projects and for soldering of small surface-mount components you can use conical tip 1/16".ConclusionI recommend a temperature controlled 50W soldering station. This soldering station will be excellent tool for most of soldering projects. My top recommendations are:-Weller WESD51 soldering station (digital)- Weller WES51 soldering station (analog)- Hakko FX-888 soldering station- Aoyue 2702A soldering station- Pace ST-25 soldering station

Because when in use the tip is warm and can burn and mar stuff if you just put it down.

flux is very usfull while ll usefull for drysolder part of components....and lighten up the solder

It heats the work hot enough for it to melt the solder. Most modern soldering irons use an electric heating element, though some use a gas flame.

Hazards connected with use of a soldering iron can include:cutsburnsinhalation of toxic fumesfires

A soldering iron is a straight tool, sort of like a long screwdriver. A soldering gun actually looks like a gun or a drill.

Rigid makes an electric soldering tool for soldering when an open flame is impractical like working in a hospital where there is flammable gases or Oxygen present.A regular type soldering iron may not get the fittings hot enough to allow for capillary attraction to draw the alloy into the fitting

From a soldering gun supply store

Soldering creates ozone. It is a pollutant.

The soldering stand has a wet sponge on it so you can wipe off and clean the soldering iron!

There is a lot of equipment in Soldering and I am telling you about which I know. Soldering Iron You can’t do soldering without a soldering iron/gun. But you don’t have to buy an expensive soldering iron/gun. You can find soldering irons in less than $10 that would work for most beginners’ needs. Wire Cutter The wire cutter is a very handy little soldering tool. We mostly use it to cut long component legs, or to strip the end of a wire. Wire Cutters is also known as flush-cutters, diagonal cutters, electronic snippers, clippers, etc. Wet Sponge A wet sponge is very useful for cleaning the tip of the soldering iron. The tip is hot which means it will oxidize very fast and get dirty. A clean tip transfers heat faster and makes your soldering easier. A sponge is so cheap anyway, so you should always keep one together with your other soldering tools. Soldering Stand A soldering iron gets hot after performing soldering, so it’s important to place it in a safe way in between soldering. A soldering iron stand is very useful for this. Since it takes up a lot of space, I don’t bring mine when travelling, but I always have one at my desk in Illinois. Safety Glasses A pair of safety glasses is something I really recommend when you do soldering. The consequences of getting hot soldering splashed into your eye can be terrible. So, please use them. Tweezers Tweezers are great. You can use them to keep components in their place and to avoid burning your fingers when you do soldering. If you ever solder surface mount components, these are very useful for placing small components. Solder wick The solder wick is another tool for removing solder. It’s made up of copper threads that will absorb the solder from the solder joint. For example to remove “solder bridges” between pins on a chip or if there’s a bit of solder left on a bigger solder joint.

a good soldering iron and solder. if you are soldering wire splices I recommend using shrink tube too

1.4 Soldering Methods1.4.1. Hand soldering: It is the oldest method of soldering, it is still popular method in certain kinds kinds of applications:Development of prototype boardsLow volume productionSoldering of extremely temperature sensitive componentsSolder reflow of fine pitch components using hot barRework or repair of machine soldered boardsThe main disadvantages are operator training, speed, and consistent quality.1.4.2 Machine Soldering:Two prominently used machine soldering types are:A. Wave Soldering - Primarily used for soldering through-hole components on to PCBs.B. Reflow Soldering. - Used for soldering SMD components on to PCBs. Reflow soldering of SM components have the following advantages over manual soldering:Mass solderingConsistency in manufacture through precise control of process parameters.flexible for small production runs as well.

soldering is meade by the chemical element called lead

Never use a acid core solder only resin core should be used and keep the temperature of the soldering iron as low as possible 250 deg C max soldering should be done in a well ventilated space.

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