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How do insulators work?

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It depends on what kind of insulators you are referring to. The ultimate purpose of an insulator, regardless of application, is to prevent or impair the conduction of energy.

Thermal insulation works primarily by trapping pockets of air in a cohesive layer of material (fiberglass or foam, usually) to prevent the movement and conduction of heat.

Sound/Vibration insulation can be similar to Thermal insulation, but can also make use of elastic or absorptive materials, like rubber or springs, that absorb sound and vibrations, again, to prevent the conduction of energy.

Electrical insulation is usually accomplished by using non-electrically conductive materials, like glass, some ceramics, some rubbers and plastics, to coat or isolate whichever electrical conductor is in question. This prevents the electrical energy from being conducted to undesirable locations.

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How do electrical insulators work?

Electrical insulators work by inhibiting the transmissions of electric current. Rubber is considered to be among the best electric insulators.

Are marshmallows insulators or conductors?

they are insulators

What are the example of insulators?

Examples of insulators are things such as plastic, glass, cloth. Metals are not insulators

Use the electron theory to explain how insulators and conductors work?

the same way an insulator and a conductor will work with out the electron theory!

What is the opposite of insulators?

The Opposite of insulators is conductors

Poor conductors are called?


Example of insulators?

There are plenty of examples of insulators. Insulators can be as simple as air or as complex as mixed fiberglass.

What is the name of two insulators?

Insulators in electricity can be glass or ceramic.Insulators in heating can be polystyrene or fibre panels.

Are humans conductors or insulators?

humans are not insulators, but are conductors!

What 5 insulators do you know?

name me 5 insulators

What is the part of speech for insulators?

Insulators is a plural noun.

Are electrical conductors and insulators equally important for electricity?

Yes. You need both conductors and insulators to work with electricity. Conductors such as wires provide a path for electricity to move where it is needed and insulators prevent electricity from dissipating, from being where it is not supposed to be and where it can cause harm and damage.

Which has a higher resistance insulators or conductors?

Insulators will have a higher resistance.

Are insulators dull brittle and poor conductors?

Insulators are conductors

What will not carry electricity?

insulators. All the insulators. Like fabrics

Are straws good conductors or insulators?

They are moderately good insulators.

What is the definition insulators?

Insulators are materials that prevent electrical flow.

Are conductor materials good insulators?

No, insulators and non conductive.

What parts of a torch are insulators?

The Insulators in a torch is the rubber. I think.

Why are plastics good electrical insulators?

Plastics are a good electrical insulators because they are insulators. Electricity could not pass through them unlike copper. Another good example of insulators is rubber.

What materials are the best insulators?

The materials which are the best insulators are ones that do not conduct heat. The common insulators are made from rubber and other plastics.

What are the names of insulators?

I know tree insulators Plastic, Wood and glass

What are some examples of poor insulators?

Good conductors are poor insulators.

What is wood and plastic are examples of?

conduction or insulators. i would pick insulators.

Name 3 insulators of electricity?

name the 3 insulators of electricity

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