How do insurance determine which cars are theft risks?


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== == This information is from national surveys of Police reports of stolen cars.


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At an auto insurance auction you can buy cars at cheaper prices. Some of these cars have been recovered from theft, used as rental cars, or even donated to the auction.

No, An auto theft or vandalism would have to be covered by the vehicle owners comprehensive auto insurance policy. that's what Auto Insurance is for.

Gap insurance in a second policy that augments your original plan. In the case of cars, if your current plan doesn't cover theft, you can get a 'gap' plan that does.

There are a great many risks that can be involved when importing cars. Damage to the car is one concern.

They sell Excess Insurance for rental cars, which covers additonal cases such as theft or CWD (Collision Damage Waiver) which the normal rental insurance might not cover.

Shannons Cars Insurance provides services such as insurance for classic cars, vintage cars and custom collectible cars. They also provide auctioning service for these cars.

Geico offers Vehicle Insurances for boats, cars, trucks, and other automobiles. Geico also offers insurance for life, property, identity theft, business, umbrella and collectibles.

My insurance company state farm offer antique cars insurance. Look at your local insurance company and shop arround I have found that progressive all offer insurance for antique cars.

"Kit Car Insurance provides many different services for Kit Cars. They offer correct valuations, multi-car coverage, theft guaruntee, and milege discounts."

Rental cars are insured. You can not rent a car without insurance. The insurance will cover the theft so long as the renter is not found to have been involved in the disappearance of the vehicle.

Life insurance pays a death benefit when the insured party dies and the money can be given to his or her friends, family or next of kin. Non Life Insurance covers objects for theft or damages including home, property and cars.

Depends on what insurance you have. LIABILITY insurance covers damage you cause to other people and their cars. COLLISION covers damage to your car from an accident. COMPREHENSIVE insurace covers fire, theft, flood and broken glass. Check with your insurance company.

Auto insurance is for cars not for people. You can buy insurance on yourself so contact any insurance agent.

Just Cars Insurance is a website for the Australian company of the same name. Just Cars Insurance offers car insurance in Australia. On their website people can retrieve quotes, pay their insurance, and get information on claims.

One can contact several insurance companies and ask for their insurance prices for classic cars. One can compare the different prices to find the cheapest insurance for classic cars.

A car insurance group is a classification insurance providers use to determine the risk level of driving a specific type of car. For instance, high performance cars are more likely to have claims filed on them, costing the insurance company money.

no grand theft auto is just stealing cars, but felony theft is stealing anything.

Insurance companies do offer coverage for antique cars. There are also insurance companies that are specialized in insuring antique cars.

Classic car insurance is for "classic" or older model cars, whereas basic car insurance is a minimum coverage insurance for normal cars. Classic cars are cars that are at least 20 years old but not more than 40 years old.

Yes there is in fact auto insurance available for classic cars. Hagerty Insurance is a great brand to get this insurance. Grundy Insurance is a great option as well.

Check you policy to determine if you have rental car insurance. Some credit cards also have rental car insurance.

Comp covers theft and accidents iwth other cars. Liability protects you against lawsuits from other people.

Insurance companies will be happy to insure as many cars as you want, as long as you are willing to pay the insurance premium.

The theft of a movable object is the theft of items such as cars, motorcycles and carts. They are assets not attached to the ground.

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