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They dissolve

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Q: How do ionic compounds react in water?
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Are ionic compounds more likely to dissolve in water than covalent compounds?

Often - yes. the reason they break apart is the hydration energy of the ions- many ionic compounds are soluble in water and dissociate into ions, however there are ionic solids such as CaCO3 which are not soluble. The bonds in covalent compunds are often not broken- for example thise in alkanes. However there are covalent compounds which do react with water and dissolve.

What compounds break up into ions in solution?

Ionic compounds are dissociated in water solution.

Give the properties of ionic compounds?

There is one very important property of ionic compounds. Ionic compounds are compounds that will conduct electricity when dissolved in water.

How can water that contains disolved ionic compounds be separated from the ionic compounds?

The method is the evaporation of water followed by condensation of water.

Why Ionic hydride's are also known saline hydride's?

Ionic hydrides are called salt-like as salts are ionic. They are high melting and have crystal structures typical of ionic compounds. Hydrides are not straightforward salts, salts typically dissolve in water for instance, whereas hydrides react vigorously with water rather than dissolving in it.

Is Sulfur and xenon form ionic compound or not?

Sulfur can form ionic compounds (eg SO2), but Xenon is a noble gas and does not react to form compounds.

What elements do nonmetals react with?

Nonmetals may react with metal to form ionic compounds (salts) or other nonmetal elements to form organic compounds.

Which pair of element will react to form ionic compound?

Ionic compounds are formed between metals and non-metals.

Why is barium chloride and sodium sulfate soluble in water?

They are ionic compounds, and many ionic compounds are soluble in water, as their ions dissociate in the water.

Do Ionic compounds have poor or good conductivity?

Ionic Compounds have poor conductivity when it is solid. Ionic Compounds have great conductivity when it is either dissolved in water or is melted

Why ionic compounds are soluble in water but not in keroscene oil?

Ionic compounds are soluble in water because water is also ionic compound and insoluble in kerosene oil because there is covalent bonds

Do polar and ionic compounds dissolve in water?

Ionic compounds, for one, can dissolve in water. They split up into oppositely charged ions when dissolved in water.