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How do kiss a boy?


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You kiss a boy(assuming you are a girl) by just letting everything fall into place, but do not rush into it or go to slow. Go medium if that is possible.


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depends on how good the kiss is and how good the boy is for you

No, Chris Brown did not kiss a boy.

you CAN kiss a boy in 5th grade

To get a boy to kiss you , you should be gentle and nice to him whenever he is around you. then, if you are ready kiss him

go to wikihow and type in "how to kiss", "how to french kiss", "how to kiss a boy", or "how to kiss for the first time". you will get incredible kissing skills. i did.

When the time is right. You can't "make" a boy kiss you.

If I kiss a boy,I will feel proud that i did it and you should too.

a boy will kiss you if you two are alone and if you act charming and lovely.

Yes, Of course. It is a persons choice of who they wanna kiss.

About the age of 16 and up u can kiss a boy

Yes she did kiss a boy name trunks.

No Aaron Carter did not kiss another boy

let the boy kiss you. if he would be willing to let you kiss him, surely he would kiss you himself. But dont take my word for it...

yes if you are a girl or a boy

You can kiss a boy whenever you like (as long as he consents). There's no reason you can't kiss a boy when on your period, you can do anything you like while you're on your period.

If you have feelings for the boy, then Kiss Him! don't hold back!

hi my name is bill I'm a boy and i have been asked many times how to get a boy to kiss you. it is simple ask him he will probably have wanted to kiss you.


Your boy friend will kiss you wen he loves you.

As a "kiss" is normally defined, no.

You get as close as you can and then just kiss 'em.

Walk up to him, and kiss him.

if your dating kiss himif not wisper in his ear to kiss you after school

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