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Basically, the cat comes to you. But, you really just know what kitten you want... from the start!

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Yes. You can pick up a kitten before it opens its eyes for the first time, if the mother will allow you to.

You will know when a newborn kitten is dead when the kitten is no longer breathing. The kitten will need to be taken away from the mother and disposed of.

It dose'nt like how you hold he/she.

How would we know? I hope you find your kitten soon.

There is no word for a "young kitten" that I know of, and 'kitten' is usually used to describe a young cat.

How you know that your kitten is sick is when he/she isn't playful, and when it's sleepy. If your kitten vomit, change food. You also have to change the food when your kitten is having diarrhea. Don't forget that if your kitten is sick, keep him/her warm. If your kitten doesn't want to eat food, you have to go to the vet. Yes this is a good way to tell.

Yes it can. Cuddling a kitten is a good thing. they need affectin. However if someone is too rough, they can harm the kitten or kill it. Be gentle, but pick up the kitten gently, and often.

No, and you should not pick up a kitten that way either. Always support their weight from underneath.

I think it depends on the cat. My mom had a cat and her kitten died and for like the next year or two she was looking for her kitten.

Yes it should be perfectly fine. Just be gentle and let your kitten nap because they are probably still a little drugged the day of.

Well, it all depends on how new this newborn kitten is. If you're talking about just being born a few seconds ago, the answer is NO. A mother cat licks her newborn kitten to get it to start breathing. If you pick up a newborn kitten that's only a few minutes old, you're basically killing it. If the kitten is a few hours or a couple of days old, go ahead and pick it up, that is if you can. A mother cat is very defensive of her kittens. you may get scratched or bitten in the process.

i know lots of cats who have had only one kitten. Don't worry if your cat has. one of my cats had just one kitten and she is as healthy as she can be.

Because you are not the kitty's mother! The kitty's mother knows just how to pick up her kitten; you don't!

hey i know this i know this pick me pick me! I KNOW I KNOW hey teacher over here aww you dident pick me. know you dont know :-(

Check if the kitten has testicles.

If you mean around their neck its because that where there mums pick them up when they are little.

The best way to convince a mom to get a kitten is to let mom know that you are responsible. Tell your mom that you will feed and love the kitten and always take care of it.

You can't tell if they will be fluffy or not. As the kitten gets older it will get easier to tell if the kitten is longhaired or shorthaired, but in very young kittens it is very difficult to tell.

actually if your kitten does not go to it it means that either it does not know where it is or it does not have a very useful brain.

Don't pick him/her up while it gets to know your scent. If feral then wear gloves in case kitten prickly lil one. If inside try to isolate him in one room and put towels and tshirts w your scent on it do kitten becomes used to you. And don't push the kitten to stop they'll eventually stop and become used to you always on their own time. Cats do what they want and kittens are in training to get humans to do their every command.

You should start picking them up from day one. They need to be socialized.

no you never know what they will do in there

Gently pick it up. Have one hand supporting the front of the kitten with the other hand supporting the back paws. Hold it firmly and close to you, but not to where you're squeezing it. Speak softly to it and pet it.

Its just like traning..Once your dog starts chasing your kitten pick up your dog or grab it by its collar and get the dogs attention and say NO..No..NO and make it look at you and keep this repetition until once you dog sees the kitten he Will stop,

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