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How do leaves help plants to grow?


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Leaves because are the main food-making organs of the plant.They

manufacture starch and other carbohydrates from carbon dioxide and



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leaves help plants live and grow

Plants that grow in LEAVES are KATAKA-TAKA plants

Minerals help plants to grow because the plants will absorb the minerals into their roots. Certain minerals such as potassium and phosphorus will help the plants grow more leaves and increase their height.

No but it puts a nice shine on the leaves.

Sunlight helps plants grow through the process of photosynthesis. the leaves on the plants absorbs the nutrients and turn them into energy.

Yes plants do need leaves to grow.

i think plants with more leaves grow faster because roots grow faster the more they get H2o but with plants with fewer leaves grow slower because they don't get that much support from they root arrow

Yes!because I believe that since tea leaves are natural and are organic matters it will help plants grow because evewn in a human body its heAlthier than coffee and usually plants take in the carbon diOxide we take out.

new leaves help plants by protecting the plant more and more that's how new leaves help plants.

bryophyllum grows from leaves

Plants store sugar in their roots to help them grow. Plants store the sugar for further use because their leaves use photosynthesis every day

water helps plants with no leaves by the roots absorbing the water then the water goes up the xylem (stem) and helps the entire plant continue to grow and produce new leaves. some plants can photosynthesizes without laves

no but bannana peels help plants grow

Vegetative buds present at the margin of Bryophyllum can be grown in to separate plants by detaching them and putting on the moist soil at room temperature. Tissue culture technique can help growing plants from young leaves.

To create food plants use a chemical reaction in there leaves called Photosynthesis. The reaction for this is CO2+Sunlight=Oxygen

Light influences sprouting plants by the process of photosynthesis. This is the use of light to help all living plants thrive and grow. The light is absorbed through the leaves of the plants and then used by the rest of the plant to grow.

the ability to germinate and grow on top of other plants /\There are buttress roots which help the trees stay upright, plants (orchids) that grow on other plants, and also leaves with "drip tips" for water to drip off.

seeds don't help plants to grow, seeds are the baby plants. when put in good soil, given water and enough sunlight, the seed splits it seed coat (soft outer shell) and begins to grow roots. after germinating, the seed grows shoots and then leaves.

leaves help the plant reproduce

roots-they help keep the plant in the soil stems-they hold the leaves and flowers leaves-grow on stem,they contain chloropyll

it brings moister and nutiratens to the plants to help it grow

kata-kata are plant that grow from leaves

Ladybugs eat garden pests to help gardeners to grow beautiful plants without those ugly holes in the leaves.

it helps grow healthy plants

The answer is they eat scraps of vegtables, fruits and leaves . This is called compost. It helps the plants grow, that we eat.

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