How do lizard move?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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The same way you (or your dog) moves.

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Lizards have legs.

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Q: How do lizard move?
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How do you move when you have a pet lizard?

move the lizard first to the new house

Does a lizard move like a dragon?

No lizard do not move like dragons because dragons fly

What lizard can move its eyes at the same time?

Dragon lizard

How does the frilled lizard move?

really fast

Why does a lizard move slow on a cool day?

Cause it can

How does the lizard move varticals on wall?

it has sticky feet

What the animal can move eye itself?

green spotted lizard

What speed a lizard move when she is scared?

10 miles an hour

Name three that animals move with their bellies?

snake, earth worm, legless lizard

What lizard can move can move his eyes at the same time?

They chameleon can move each of its eyes in a different direction than the other eye, aswell as many other lizards that can do this

Are chameleons the only lizard that can move both eyes in different directions?

yes it is. it is the only reptile able to move its eyes at 360 degrees

How do you find the lizard in Dragon Quest?

well you go out side and to the left of the castle in gleeba at the corner you will find the lizard there but you need the party move clap then you have to chase it around and the see the queen