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Lizards swallow food. They do not chew.

Komodo dragons (up to eight feet long) ambush their prey, tear off large chunks of flesh (deer and large pigs) and swallow it whole. Sometimes it takes them 15-20 minutes to swallow small mammals, up to the size of a goat, whole.

Green iguanas are primarily herbivores, consuming insects as a by-product.

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What type of food do lizards eat?

Lizards eat mealworms and crickets.

Do blue belly lizards eat human food?

no blue belly lizards do not eat human food

What do Jesus Christ lizards eat?

Jesus lizards are real they eat food

What do lizards eat in California?

they eat food

Do lizards eat apples?

yes its my lizards favorite food

What does lizards eat?

Lizards' eat snails and dog food cause i give that to mine

What do flat rock lizards eat?

They eat food...

Why do lizards hunt?

Lizards need to eat, that's why hunt - for food.

How do lizards obtain food?

Lizards are carnivores, they will eat virtually anything meat.

What animals do lizards and frogs eat?

Big lizards (eg the Komodo Dragon) will eat large animals, some lizards eat vegetation, some lizards eat insects. Frogs eat a variety of food, snails, insects etc.

What kind of food do lizards eat?


Can lizards eat human food?

i think they can

What do Leaping lesbian lizards eat?


What is the flying lizards food?

They eat eggs.

How do lizards help the environment?

That lizards eat flies so they wont get flies in there food

What plants do lizards eat?

lizards eat all different types of bugs cockroches, beetles,worms.they are the most common food they eat.

What type of food do house lizards eat?

they eat flies etc

What does a jesus lizard eat?

jESUS LIZARDS ARE REAL, they eat food!

What do baby legless lizards eat?

Legless lizards are also known as glass lizards. They eat different food that vary depending on their habitat. They often eat mice, crickets, and worms.

What human food do lizards eat?

Fruits and vegetables

What do lizards that live in the Gobi Desert eat?


What is the biological importance of lizards?

Lizards eat insects and they are food for many larger species. They play a key role in the food chain.

How can the desert have lizards if they don't have food or water?

The desert has plenty of insects and arthropods that are food for many lizards. Much of the water needed by the lizard is in the food they eat.

What food do blue-tongue lizards eat?

blue tonge lizards eat snails and dog food cause i give my lizard dog food all the time and snails he loves them and he drinks waterBlue tongued lizards are found in Australia. There are several different types of blue tongue lizards there.

Can lizards eat fish food?

no lizard's can't eat fish food . most lizards eat crickets and mealworms other types may eat other things so google your species of lizard and search diet

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