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male frogs will croak to attract female frogs.

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Q: How do male frogs attract female frogs during mating season?
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How did jackass penguins get the name?

because they bray like donkeys to attract mates during mating season

Why do frogs keep producing sounds during rainy seasons?

the males produce noises at the start of a rainy season to attract a female. That is usually when their mating season begins. it can also be a way to warn other mates about their territory. it all depends on the specie.

Why do reindeer antlers turn white?

a male reindeer's antlers turn white during mating season to attract a mate or if they are hurt or in pain

How do you make a female and male guinea pig like each other?

During the mating season they will like each other. Otherwise the female will attack the male.

Where does the male koala go after mating?

After mating, a male koala is likely to move on to another tree, and try another female. They are not even remotely monogamous, mating with numerous females during an average breeding season.

How does mating season work for echidnas?

When mating season happens echidnas line up behind the female. The lucky one is the mate.

During what time of the year do Gar mate?

Mating season for the alligator gar is normally during the springtime. However, after mating the male and the female will separate and go their own ways. The female will deposit her eggs and the young fish will hatch with the ability to take care of themselves.

During the mating season males out number the females by what ratio?

During the mating season Amphibians males out number the females by 10 to 1

How do frogs attract a mate?

Frog's attract a mate by croking witch their throts strike in and out

What do Pandas do during mating season?

they mate

How do female chickens attract male chickens?

They cluck at them and wave their tail feathers around, also the fattest chicken are considered to be the most "attractive" and get the best mates. However ou may want to note that its not the female chicken's that go about the business of attracting mates, but the males who attempt to "woo" the females during mating season.

What is a group of girl turkeys called during mating season?